Acorn Floor Sanding was born from a passion for wood, its natural beauty and distinction.

 Always interested in creating a unique floor, where we could combine the traditional skills of french polishing

where we learnt our craft, with exciting modern wood finishes.  

Our goal is to create a floor that combines distinctive style and unique finishing details, at the same time, allowing durability and long-lasting beauty. 

Passion for wood

From our love for a living material, comes our history of wood floor restoration.

Authenticity is the secret that gives life to original wood floors

The wood authentic flavour of the past recovered and restored by the skilful hands.

We focus on the floors original patina, that tell a story filled with characteristics that make your floor unique.

Restoring the beauty to wood floors is what we do.  

It is all we do, day in, and day out.  


Our purpose is

To create timeless, sustainable and beautiful wood floors that are aspirational. 

To achieve this we must remain agile and retain the ability to adapt to change whilst maintaining a rigour that keeps wood floor renovation as our essence.

Our committed approach to high quality wood floor restoration, delivered with integrity and pragmatism to exceed clients’ expectations, is backed up with key areas of expertise and an experience. 

Through this we can demonstrate a passion and commitment to our clients,

We have a desire to be considered to be one of the best, not necessarily the biggest, 

We want to win work on the strength and quality of our service, as well as the merit of our experience and knowledge.

We are not only wood floor restorer unlike the majority of our competitors, we are experienced french polishers, craftsmen providing a professional wood floor restoration service. 

We invite you to look closer and compare our expertise, 

You will appreciate the difference

Shaped by the passage of time rather than the hand of man. 

While many admire the beauty of a wood floor, very few understand and appreciate the unique qualities and the extent of their innate beauty. 

We seek to change that.

We continually break free from the chains of convention and tradition within the industry.

Understanding the wood floor restoration process means surrounding oneself with the fascination of a material that gains beauty from time. 

Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors over the past 35 years.

The combination of theory and hands-on experience with wood restoration and techniques enables us to continue to improve our floor restoration skills.

Passion, commitment and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service.

A service designed to be relevant and forward thinking for the benefit of our customers.

Each original wood floor has its own story and a unique look and feel

We can use the same restoration methods today that were developed by french polishers and wood restorers over a hundred years ago, truly making your home’s wood floor individually yours.

We have a long history of  wood floor restoration that is born from the love with which each wood floor is restored to its original beauty. 

This innovative approach to wood floor restoration is unique to Acorn Floor Sanding - 

You will not find many floor sanding companies able to provide this level of restoration knowledge and expertise.


For over 35 years we have always worked with and restored wood. 

Learning the intricate nature of the trade. 

From the preparation to the restoration and the finish, taking care over each step of the process. the application of traditional skills in the process”. 

One of a very few floor sanding company from a french polishing background who promotes the highest quality standards. 

“For us, staying ahead of the game, so to speak, is essential. 

There are always new, more efficient ways of doing things and we apply the latest techniques to every project. 

The added benefit is that we love what we do”. 

Wood is our passion; we are inspired by the colour and textures. 

The dynamics of a wood floor fascinate us so we are unafraid to explore and embrace new ideas.

Our craftsmen aim high, in achieving the best possible results and in meeting your needs


These are the core principles we work by

We believe that the only way to sand and restore a wood floor is to slow down and put our hands on it. 

And that is how we attain our most sought- after goal:

Restoring beautiful wood floors that exude an authentic, organic feel, and that are a true reflection of nature.

A restored wood floor is full of character and will make any space unforgettable.

Natural lines. Lively grains. Unique textures.

We believe that every wood floor has a story to tell and it is up to us to slow down and listen to it. 

Our uncompromising commitment and traditional techniques of wood floor restoration means that your restored wood floor meets all your expectations of appearance, function and durability.


We use the same restoration methods today that were developed by french polishers and wood restorers over a hundred years ago.

We have a long history of wood floor restoration that is born from the love with which each wood floor is restored to its original beauty. 

This innovative approach to wood floor restoration is unique to

Acorn Floor Sanding 

You will not find many floor sanding companies able to provide this level of restoration knowledge and expertise.

Working closely with major manufacturers

To be at the forefront in wood floor sanding and restoration.



We are continuously looking at ways we can be the best at what we do:

This means continuous learning about new products, techniques and machinery. 

It is vital that we are well informed about all aspects to make sure we are confidently offering the best service. 

We build on the aesthetics of simplicity, integrity and practicality when approaching a wood floor sanding and restoration project. 


We have studied this extraordinary process how time works on wood, time slowly wears out the original surface letting the knots and the hardest grains come out.

We understand the dynamics of this natural phenomenon of the raw material.

How to restore the unique characteristics and how a wood floor can reach its full potential through spirited craftsmanship.

To meet your needs, our standards are constantly being enforced by the ethics of traditional craftsmanship and the quality of modern equipment and products. 


So whatever the floor, whatever the condition, not only are Acorn Floor Sanding able to offer you advice as to how you can obtain the floor of your dreams, they have the expertise and knowledge to help make that a reality!

So don’t give up on those neglected relics from your past. 

In the wood floor sanding world, older is almost always better, and just because it looks like beyond repair –

doesn’t mean it is.


Acorn Floor Sanding has developed over the decades and years

To offer a solution encompassing all the features within wood floor sanding and restoration.

This in itself provides a superior concept, dovetailing the wood floor sanding with the restoration skills of french polishing, utilising the correct renovation techniques to ensure that all restored wood floors are fit for purpose, 

Acorn Floor Sanding is about achieving more for our clients. 

We explore all possible solutions for wood floor sanding and restoration, and we’re not afraid to do things differently.

We will help you define the best solution whatever the condition of your wood floor

We aim to be always better than the rest, and to provide wood floor restoration solutions that are second to none.

At Acorn Floor Sanding we can be confident of providing the right products for every floor project undertaken in both commercial and domestic sectors of wood floor sanding and restoration.



Phone: 07 887 942 676
Email: acornwfc@live.co.uk

We have always stayed true to our ethos of authenticity and integrity. 

Our mission is still to do the best work of our lives for the world’s most beautiful, long lasting flooring material wood. 

We will continue to do our best.

That’s why we’re No1.

We exist to share our passion. 

From the beginning we have been associated with wood floor, wood floor sanders and restorers, who live and breathe for their craft. 

It is no surprise we continue to search out new and interesting products to bring innovative ideas to our wood floor restoration and maintenance system.

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