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Getting to know wood

The warm beauty of wood enriches our lives. 

Its natural charm inspires the imagination and its rich texture rewards the touch. 

It is difficult to pick out a material from around us that can equal the warmth of natural wood;

It is a noble and stunningly beautiful material that instantly decorates a space.

It’s something that can remind you of time spent outdoors admiring a woodland scene, or a barefoot walk among the trees with their scent on the air and soft foliage under your feet. 

Wood evokes an atmosphere of timeless elegance and charm that will add character to any home or building.

The scent, the structure and the warmth of real wood  

Over the centuries, man has found ways to tame wood’s natural character, effectively domesticating this wild resource to yield a certain level of visual consistency, as well as high levels of performance predictability. 


There are many criteria that define wood

In the end, though

You can take the wood out of the wild,

But you can’t take the wild out of the wood.

This is the philosophy that guides our restoration of wood floors​

No other material can compete with that.

And that’s exactly why we love it.


Every tree grows in its own unique way

Trees have a story, they carry an experience; wood floor restoration means preserving a tradition and claiming values.

Wood is probably the oldest material of mankind and is still becomes more and more popular. 

Wood and the colour shades of the wood surfaces express the unsophistication and have a correspondingly harmonic effect on people.

Throughout the history of civilisation, wood has been treated without a negative trait, as something noble and holy, intricately linked to mankind and its activities. 

The idea that you can innovate around something as natural as a wooden floor seems a little odd. 

After all we’ve been living with wooden floors of one type or another for hundreds if not thousands of years

Woods natural charm inspires the imagination and its rich texture rewards the touch. 

Wood is a superb natural product that nature has created 

Wood floors are unique as well as timeless. 

They have stood the test of time, in more ways than one.

Wood is a material that truly grows more beautiful with time.

Wood floors never goes out of fashion.

Few materials can add as much warmth and atmosphere as wood.

It softens the most minimalistic designs, while accentuating the mood of a more traditional interior. 

Authentic quality takes time, each restored wood floor takes on its own individual and highly treasured character, still preserving the original charm that is the essence of any wood floor.

This is why wood floors are unmatched.

Wood contains stunning colour gradients and texturing that can be incredibly dramatic.

In addition, the aged character retains what is natural to wood and all that gives wood its own personality. 

Its texture remains more rustic and varied in appearance. 

The presence of natural free-forming grain patterns knots and cracks, to name a few, open up the potential of what a sanded wood floor can achieve. 

These attributes represent the cherished soul of a sanded wood floor and only Acorn Floor Sanding puts so much effort dedicated to unearthing and preserving this soul.

Wood floors produce endless variations colours, knots and grains. 

What you see is what you get, and what you get is unique character and charm. 

Unlike the monotonous pattern repetition in laminated copies, no two floors are the same, individually shaped by forest life, weather and seasons for the best part of a century. 

We embrace the randomness that occurs naturally.

Wood floor restoration represents both the art and the skill of enhancing the exquisite features of wood the way nature would have fashioned it and reveal its character. 

We believe a sanded and restored wood floor should reflect its origins of time and variation without the constraints of inexperience.

A story where every wooden floor is original, to enrich your environment and tell a unique and unrepeatable history of the wood


No other flooring offers the warmth, natural beauty of wood

Wood should be handled with an attention to detail, a joy in its unique characteristics and the knowledge of how it can reach its full potential.

People have always felt the need to decorate spaces with whatever materials, however basic, they have within reach.

Wood transforms every corner of your house into a peaceful area, which can help you be in tune with your natural setting.

Our traditional french polishing skills are unsurpassed in restoring the natural lustre of a wood surface while safeguarding their original beauty.

Our priority is to bring out, enhance and preserve the deep beauty of your wood floor.

Combining traditional restoration skills with modern finishes can serve to introduce any beginner to this art.


The heft and feel of a well-worn handle,

The sight of shavings that curl from a blade; 

The logs in the woodpile, the sentiment of huge beams in an old-fashioned house; 

The smell of fresh cut timbers and the pungent fragrance of burning leaves; 

The crackle of kindling and the hiss of burning logs

Abundant to all the needs of man, how poor the world would be without wood.

Everard Hinrichs


It requires experience and knowledge to combine wood restoration and aesthetic vision to create the ultimate wood floor, this body of knowledge is brought to you by Acorn Floor Sanding.

Having respect for wood is essential, it is our oldest natural resource and has the unique value of being the one resource that man can renew. 



Without wood, we wouldn’t be here.

At every stage of societal evolution, wood has been essential to our progress. 

Fire, tools, shelter, traversing the seas, taking flight, even making music—wood has been instrumental in every one of these monumental leaps forward in human history. 

The symbiosis between wood and mankind is remarkable, it's super-strong, it lasts hundreds of years, and you can use it for everything from building bridges to making paper or heating your home. 

Even without factoring in the air we breathe.


With all the technological progress we’ve made and all the alternatives we’ve created, we have yet to find a way to improve on wood. 

It is still our most beautiful building material, and certainly the most adaptable and easiest to work with. 


Our finest furniture, our most stunning floors, and even our most treasured musical instruments are still made of wood.

Being organic, wood is inherently unique, varying in character and colour even within the same species, depending on the climate and the soil in which the trees grow.


The grain and the colour variation.

Nature stores these differences as memories in the texture of the tree, memories which are revealed as the unique grains, knots, colours and shades which all contribute to the beauty and individuality of wood. 

Wood is quite possibly the most useful and versatile material on the planet, with many thousands of different uses

For beauty, strength and character, wood provides a unique ambience in all its natural details. 

That captures wood work traditions, with surfaces that bear the marks of time and use.

In our opinion,

The grain on a piece of wood is one of the most mesmerising beauties in the natural world

Where different hues of colour and textures roll back into each other like an enchanting dance. 

We are not over embellishing it either. Some of the most breath taking floors designs is wood.

It can be stained any colour and finished using a range of finishes which will enhance its natural finesse.

It can be carved, cut, glued and nailed.


Last but not least, wood doesn’t rust. 

Even though it can oxidise in some form, it is statistically insignificant when compared with metal. 

True, there are some metals that don’t rust, but they’re more expensive; and can you really criticise wood after we’ve learned how wonderful it is!

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