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Our work is defined by the very thing that inspires us most, it is what Acorn Floor Sanding Represents

After years of wood restoration and french polishing, learning and improving we have the accumulated knowledge, experience and competence to guarantee the wood floor restoration service everyone ever has dreamed of. 

It is not just confidence without a reason, it is the fact we’ve already found the perfect balance between old, but proven techniques and advanced methodologies, with the right proportions of professionalism, expertise, following new trends, respect to everyone’s ideas and keeping our core values. This enables us to meet all the expectations and requirements of our customers and offer a wood floor restoration service.

What keeps us going is the understanding we’ve already achieved the top quality, mixed with the constant desire to keep learning and improving. We’re constantly learning and innovating, introducing new approaches to how and where wood floor restoration can be introduced into the creative palette. In fact, we like to think that we’re doing our bit to take the market forward, opening people’s eyes to the inherent beauty and versatility of wood.

In order to be able to offer the best sanding services possible, we spent many years in researching the customer sector, being sensitive to everyone’s ideas, requirements and demands. And now, after this long-term empirical study, we are proud to offer our innovative wood floor restoration services, designed to meet all of your expectations. With the skills, tools and experience to complete any given assignment we are sure we can offer you the complete wood floor restoration service.

A genuine floor sanding and restoration company  repairing and restoring wood floors, offering premium quality bespoke service, perfect for those looking for something a little different. 

Providing premium quality due to years of expertise, the excellent products we use and our commitment to our customers.

Bespoke represents “specifically tailored made to the customers requirements”.

This is what you will experience when you choose Acorn Floor Sanding. 

We are a company with wood floor restoration experience, knowledge, all accumulated from decades sanding and restoring wood floors.

And even more than that, Acorn Floor Sanding is achiever your inspiration, your motivation and your provocation to settle only on the highest quality possible, when it comes to wooden flooring sanding and restoration. 

We do that for years and this is our main mission, our aim and focus. 

We dedicate our talents and skills, expertise and hard work; to help you to seek the best, achieve the best, because you deserve the best! 

We would like you to know that sanding is not only about sanding a floor with a floor sanding machine, but it is more like the full circle of repair and restoration, staining and re finishing. 


We are in a unique position, being able to restore almost any type of wood floor undertaking wood floor restoration, on any type of wood floor, from any era, in any condition. 

We’ve established all the do’s and don’ts and are familiar with the finer points, benefits and limitations of all the materials we use.

Creating the perfect harmony between the uniqueness you desire and the proven old school methodology. 


In the wood floor sanding world, older is almost always better, and just because it looks like junk – doesn’t mean it is.

Have you ever seen one of these impressive “before and after” pictures of wood flooring, which is magically transformed from pathetic and distressed into glossy, sleek and flawless. 

Do you wonder how this is possible to happen? 

No, it is definitely not the Photoshop’s magic; it is possible actually because of one single service, which is called wood floor sanding.

With a rich history with wood restoration that began in the 1980’s, Acorn Floor Sanding has become renowned for their experience and knowledge in the world of wooden floor restoration and maintenance.

Acorn Floor Sanding has developed over the decades and years to offer a solution encompassing all the features within wood floor sanding and restoration. This in itself provides a superior concept, dovetailing the wood floor sanding with the restoration skills of french polishing, utilising the correct renovation techniques to ensure that all restored wood floors are fit for purpose,


Acorn Floor Sanding is challenging the way we sand and restore wood floors. 

We have developed a superb reputation with our customers and are trusted for our excellent service, affordable prices and the high standards of our skills and workmanship.

Ensuring quality of work and quality of service at the heart of all that we do, remaining true to our core values of honesty, integrity and dependability


We restore wood floors to grace our homes for another century or more.

We sand and restore all types of wood floors, preserving its natural beauty while retaining the original patina, full of history and character.

We bring out all the beauty and character in original wood floors. 

We see the potential and beauty in old wood that has already served its purpose. 


Shaped by the passage of time rather than the hand of man a wood floor is the foremost expression of timeless quality and natural artistry.

They can represent the ultimate in the depth and beauty that can be achieved when correctly restored. 

So whatever the floor, whatever the condition, we have the expertise and knowledge to help make that a reality!

Rarity explains the value of many wood floors, wood floors that have mellowed and matured over many decades, with an exceptional natural aesthetic character, Individual figure patterns (grain), the tones affected by the light, the drawings of its inner rings trace the years gone by, just as life gives spontaneity to the young and serenity to the old. The beauty of wood is natural and timeless, and each piece of wood has an individual fingerprint, wood evolves and finds the best in each stage of life, like us, it changes with the passing of time, this makes every wood floor unique and defined ultimately by nature, the grain colour and pattern are a unique masterpiece of design, texture and splendour. 

For over 35 years we have always worked with and restored wood, learning the intricate nature of the trade, from the preparation to the restoration and the finish, taking care over each step of the process. the application of traditional skills in the process”. One of a very few floor sanding company from a french polishing background who promotes the highest quality standards, producing the highest-quality results with the least amount of effort requires a specific, well-defined sequence of steps. 

With our roots in the French polishing and furniture restoration since 1980 the progression into wood floor sanding and restoration was a natural transition. We have built a reputation of quality, consistency, and expert knowledge, with these distinctions and almost limitless capabilities, clients across the country have come to rely on Acorn Floor Sanding. We understands the business and have developed highly specialised wood floor restoration processes to address the exact needs of every step in the restoration process, it is this comprehensive experience with traditional wood restoration and finishing that allows us to lead the way in wood floor sanding and restoration. No matter how extensive or involved the floor sanding project, our expert knowledge makes your job a whole lot easier, that’s why Acorn Floor Sanding customers put so much trust in us. 

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