We never stop exploring and discovering new ways of restoring and re finishing wood floors. Some people relish their past victories, forgetting that the world is changing and there is always room for improvement. This is what drives us, as we know that your satisfaction is our satisfaction.


We combine our industry knowledge, passion and learning to give you the best there is. A service that is complimentary to all our customers – a service unique to Acorn Floor Sanding.


To provide a wood floor sanding service where we could deliver wood floor restoration in a new and exciting way.

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innovative wood floor restoration skills

As a multi-discipline wood floor restoration company, every project we undertake we approach with a renewed enthusiasm and excitement. Over the years we have worked on an array of wood floors in beautiful properties including listed buildings, country estates, hotels, apartments and many commercial properties. Our innovative wood floor restoration and our meticulous attention to detail have gained us recognition. We work to unlock your wood floor’s potential; we strive to exceed your expectations, sharing our understanding about the possibilities of wood restoration with you, we can fully realise a wood floors potential, individually restored wood floors of quality and integrity.

Positioned among the industry’s most innovative and accomplished wood restoration companies, leading a forward-thinking approach in restoring wood floors. Most of our restoration work is custom and driven by our fascination with the overall renovation of a wood floor. Not just floor sanding, but also repairing, staining, and new finishing technologies.  With a broad insight and perspective of wood restoration and wood finishing, we have the versatility and the capability of being adaptable to various conditions of the wood floors we restore. Experience that combines the hands-on approach with the knowledge and reputation for refining and elevating wood floors has strengthened our reputation. 

Floor sanding cardiff approach to wood floor sanding and restoration
Restoring different types of wood floors
We understand the concepts involved in sanding and finishing wood floor
the concepts involved for sandng and finishing a wood floor
wood stair sanding, Domestic floor sanding, commercial wood floor sanding

 Every wood floor has its own extensive story, and unique defining features that make it what it is. The essential knowledge of a wood floors potential and limitations, the understanding of the restoration process, traditional techniques, experimental creativity, with innovation driving the restoration process, and new ways of thinking are what lead to experimentation and fresh perspectives that result in wood restoration and wood finishing innovation.

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At Acorn Floor Sanding we, have an impressive breadth of experience, offering you the most professional service in our industry.


We draw on over 35 years of unique floor sanding experience. This capability enables us to offer a distinctive approach and a refined wood floor restoration process. Creative thinking and a professional service illustrating the simple and natural beauty of a wood floor.


Renowned for providing exceptional floor sanding and restoration solutions, tailored for but not limited to original wood floors. A service designed to be relevant and forward thinking for the benefit of our customers.


Acorn Floor Sanding builds on the aesthetics of simplicity, integrity and practicality when approaching a wood floor sanding and restoration project, our standard are constantly being enforced by the ethics of traditional craftsmanship and the quality of modern equipment and products. We use the same restoration methods today that were developed by french polishers and wood restorers over a hundred years ago

o	Restoring wood with expert care and attention to detail
o	Floor Sanding and Wood Restoration Experts

On top of our outstanding finish, we use the best equipment and restoration techniques, we can promise little or no mess, our floor sanding process is virtually dustless. With Acorn Floor Sanding, you can rest assured your floors are in safe hands.

We take great pride in the work we do and every floor restoration is a labour of love.

We work to bridge the gap between a wood floors full potential and the boundaries imposed by the realities of the floors condition. 

We are in a unique position, being able to restore almost any type of wood floor undertaking wood floor restoration, on any type of wood floor, from any era, in any condition. 

Whatever the condition of your wood floor, we can promise you a judicious blend of repair, restoration and refinishing with our innovative wood floor restoration process

It takes experience to understand how to enhance the characteristics of a wood floor, utilising our vast experience and knowledge, that has been built up over many decades, we are able to offer customers a comprehensive range of wood restoration services


Perfecting our wood floor sanding services 

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Before any sanding takes place, some floors may be in need of major or minor repair, at Acorn Floor Sanding we have always encompassed wood floor repairs in our repertoire of restoration services,


We provide the perfect balance of knowledge, passion and experience to carry out complex repairs that work towards eliminating all damage and imperfections from your floors.


One of our most common services and the fastest way to turn back time on your floors, wood repair aesthetic that focuses on repairing and conserving as much of the original elements as possible.


This is the very first and one of the most important steps in the process of floor restoration, with a sympathetic and expert approach, almost all wood floors can be repaired


Sanding a wood floor is one part science one part art and many parts hard work, sanding is part of the overall wood floor restoration process . 

Wood floor sanding has always provided a stage for discovery and renovation. The process of sanding wood floors may seem very dull and boring however a diligent wood restorer will be scrutinising and concentrating on every square metre of floor. 

We have the expertise to undertake wood floor sanding, making the beauty of wood visible and tangible in a very special way, to revise your preconceptions; to renew appeal and revitalise your vision

 We do not settle for good but strive for excellence. This approach to wood floor sanding often put us more than one-step ahead of the competition. 

The seamless integration of traditional skills and modern machinery is a restoration signature used by Acorn Floor Sanding 




The wood floor finish (varnish) effectively emphasise the visual impact of a wood floor with stylistic confidence for a natural experience, enhancing the wood’s natural beauty, colour, figure patterns, grain, and depth. 


The secret of good wood floor restorations lies in our understanding of the nature and limitations of the particular kind of wood finish chosen, we look beyond the ordinary to finish a wood floor


We have always strived to be at the forefront in the application of wood finishes, this has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of finishes for wood floors including water based finishes, hard wax oil finishes, solvent based finishes and specialist colour matching floor finishes.


We provide wood floor finishing options with endless possibilities, with a wide range of wood floor finishes, that invites you to add a finishing touch, through different surface treatments and finishes. 




The Craftsman Approach
choosing reclaimed wood planks to replace damaged original woood planks

They say that craftsmanship is a lost art. 

That the days of things made with hand are gone. 

That the idea of speed and quantity has overtaken the ideals of quality

oue unique expertise in wood floor restoration

Because, we do a lot more than just sand the floor 

It’s here where things are done differently and always done with attention to detail, using traditional renovation methods.

Wood floors are not simply sanded - wood floors are restored.  

We beg to differ.
Inspecting a floor befroe applying the final coat of floor varnish
The Art of the Craftsman Lives On.
Welcome to Acorn Floor Sanding