Laminate floor repairs

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Laminate and Wood have become a very popular choice within the home due to its warm feel and durability. Unfortunately it is not damage proof and can easily be chipped, dented or even scratched however we are here to help. 

We specialise in laminate and wood floor repairs

Replacing a floor or damaged board can become a very expensive and disruptive option but we have the techniques and experience to repair almost any type of damage. Damage to laminate flooring is an incredibly common problem and replacing sections of flooring is often costly and inconvenient. 

Our team of highly trained restorers can repair scratches, chips, gouges and dents to any laminate flooring, anywhere in your home or business. With specialist skills, years of experience and unrivalled care and attention to detail, Acorn Floor Sanding repairs and transforms damage to wood and laminate floors, regardless of the cause of damage – scratches, burns, chips or general wear and tear – Acorn Floor Sanding offers a professional repair service at a fraction of the replacement cost. Our restorers can carefully match repairs so they blend seamlessly into the flooring.

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Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service

Although Laminate floors are tough and easy to install, due to its smooth finish it makes it easy to spot damage. We often come across chips and scratches and are asked what can be done as a replacement floor could mean a huge task. We have repaired a lot of laminate floors over many years and as the saying goes, “practice makes perfect “in most cases, the repairs we carry out are virtually undetectable. We have years of experience

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Acorn provides on-site surface repairs and restoration. The key advantages are time and cost.


With our systems, many of these problems can be fixed in situ and provide a cost effective, discrete and, in many cases, invisible repair.

Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service

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This involves real craftsmanship to repair damage to a high standard, but with these skills mastered it means that, essentially, practically any kind of damage can be repaired. Dents, scuffs, scratches and holes can be made to look as good as new, like it never happened.


Laminate & wood repair specialists with 40 years of experience; repairing wood & laminate flooring so in 99% of cases we are able to give your floor a new lease of life. This is what we do – day in, day out – delivering reactive and diverse repairs to a range of customers and sectors; commercial to domestic, retail to construction, this allows us to offer massive savings over traditional replacement methods as well as drastically cutting down the time needed to deal with repairs of a similar nature. 

We can repair almost any type of wood or laminated surface and specialise in refurbishment, restoration and renovation projects, we offer cutting edge technical solutions to replacement alternatives that provides speed and cost savings.  


Our quality of repair workmanship and attention detail is unrivalled. We are confident that the quality of our work will stand the test of time and we guarantee on all the repairs we undertake. The process is detailed and highly skilled. 


Our philosophy is to undertake sympathetic, appropriate repairs with minimum intervention to the asset or host structure, whether through traditional methods or our contemporary repairs we will ensure the quality of any asset, be it heritage or contemporary is sensitively preserved. 

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When the technology exists to repair and mimic any finish, when the repair solution can reduce the impact on your environment or your customer’s environment and your budget. Laminate and wood floor chip and scratch repair is an effective and cost-effective alternative. Taking up and replacing floors can cause major disruption so a quality floor repair not only saves you money, but also saves a lot of time and hassle. Acorn Laminate Repair has effective and affordable repair solutions that restore wood surfaces to a previous condition, matching exactly to the current colour and grain pattern.

Have you considered repairing your damaged laminate floor?

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  • Undertaking works with a “conserve as found” philosophy.

  • Utilising compatible materials and best practices available.

  • Adopting a different approach to more orthodox laminate floor repair methods.

  • Preserving the lifespan of laminate floors that may have been thought to be beyond repair.

  • Embracing new technology to enable low disturbance restoration.

All types of wood, veneers or laminates can be cost effectively repaired. 

Damage such as chips, scratches, large fixing holes or general wear and tear can be made good. We have the knowhow, capability and technology to ensure the delivery of a repair to any hard surface product to a factory finish.


Our expertise in using a mix of traditional French Polishing techniques and 21st Century products and application methods means we can repair and restore virtually any damaged item back to its original condition.


Why replace when you can repair at 50% less cost.

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Repairs that speak for themselves

Understandably, floors are one of the areas that suffer the most wear and tear of any area of our homes.


Thankfully, Acorn delivers a complete surface repair, coatings, and restoration solution, our 'repair, don't replace' ethos is 100% suited to these high-wear areas and our skilled technicians can repair damage to your tiled, wood or laminate floors to as-new condition. It is possible to replace damaged pieces of laminate, but it requires a great deal of precision to get this right.

From small damage repairs to full facade solutions and work packages, we offer top quality, innovative thinking and the very best value for money. We invest in the latest techniques and technologies to ensure a measurable service our clients can rely on; we always push beyond standard!

Damage to laminate and wood floors can be tricky to hide and costly to replace.

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Luckily, we can repair and restore cracks, stains, burns or scratches and make your worktop look as good as new. We will thoroughly assess the damage before repairing and reprofiling the damaged area using our specialist fillers and compounds, and then the creative part happens. We expertly hand mix and match the colour of laminate, we apply fine finishing techniques that originated from French polishing. We use various proprietary fillers, hardeners, polishes and colours to restore laminate floor that have suffered damage such as scratches, chips, holes, gouges, splits, cracks and discolouration.

We provide a specialist laminate & wood damage repair service for private homes, new builds developers, construction sites, hotels, hospitals, schools, shops, sporting arenas and airports. Although Laminate floors are tough and easy to install, due to its smooth finish it makes it easy to spot damage. We often come across chips and scratches and are asked what can be done as a replacement floor could mean a huge task.

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We can repair most issues with laminate and wood floors.

It is easy to sustain a chip, scratch or crack to a floor, and as they aren’t cheap to replace, often damage is left, which can often get worse due to its frequent use. Instead of leaving that crack, why not ask us to repair it! The materials that we use are strong and durable long into the future, meaning you no longer have to tip toe around your own floor! We can repair scratches, dents, cracks, marks and stains that you would have considered permanent, we even restore time worn, tired and fatigued surfaces to look rejuvenated and in many cases as good as new. The reason for the repair can vary from accidents, impact, discolouration from staining or burns. Whatever the reason Acorn can offer complete restoration and a real benefit when considering the alternative, which would be the cost of a replacement and a greater environmentally friendly option.

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Acorn delivers a complete surface repair, coatings and restoration solution.

By getting your wood or laminate floor cosmetically repaired by Acorn you can save yourself the significant amount of time, money and energy it takes having to finance and fit a full replacement. Furthermore, a floor repair will also save you and our environment unnecessary mess and additional waste that will otherwise just end up on landfill.


Our expert finishers can repair any damage to your laminate and wood flooring, hand-blending repairs into the rest of the surface by matching the colour and pattern. We can repair a whole range of damage to wood and laminate floors from scratches, dents, chips, stains and cracks, matching the current colour and grain pattern.

Acorn Floor Sanding understand the importance of your floor repairs, that you want them done quickly, with minimum disruption to you, this is what we do – day in, day out – delivering reactive and diverse repairs to a range of customers both; commercial to domestic. This allows us to offer massive savings over traditional replacement methods 

Acorn are experts in laminate and wood floor repairs

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With the best will in the world sometimes floors get damaged either during everyday use or when being installed. With our systems, many of these problems can be fixed in situ and provide a cost effective, discrete and, in many cases, invisible repair. We repair and restore virtually all damaged laminate or wood floor; this means our clients have the opportunity to choose an environmentally friendly option to replacing damaged laminate or wood floor saving money in the process. Using a variety of techniques for repairs to damage such as scratches, dents, chips, burns and stains to all types of laminate or wood floor. The standard of finish achieved by us is such your surface repair will be virtually impossible to detect, you will find that our repairs are so subtle. It's as if the damage has disappeared, not by magic, just great repair solutions.

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At Acorn we have plenty of experience in many types of floor repair, including solid wood, laminate and engineered flooring. We have completed projects for a large variety of customers; household customers looking to make good a scratches area on thier laminate floor to commercial customers looking to revive and repair floors in a well used commercial premise. Surface Repairs are the most cost-effective and least intrusive option in virtually all cases. Our repair services are versatile and the one thing that our customers do have in common is that they can rely on a fast, speedy, reliable service from us. 

Having dealt with diverse projects ranging from natural-wood finishes creating bespoke tints and colours, to delicate antique restoration, we are uniquely qualified in our breadth of knowledge and skills. We bring vast experience as highly-skilled specialists in every aspect of wood restoration.

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Email or phone us with measurements of the rooms to be restored and we can give you a provisional estimate. If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry based on a room measurement, why not get in contact?

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