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Floor Sanding Has Never Been This Good

If you’re searching for a company that specialises in wood floor sanding, you’ve found one of the most respected companies.

Let us start firstly by saying a warm hello and a huge thank you for stopping by at Acorn Floor Sanding. If you’ve found us while looking to find affordable, friendly and knowledgeable floor sanding – you’ve come to the right place. At Acorn Floor Sanding, we’re all about sanding and restoring wood floors.

Whether you’re in need of a light refresh, a full renovation, we’re on hand to discuss your wood floor sanding needs. With respect for the past and an eye to the future, we work closely with our clients to sand and restore wood floors with elegance and character. Please do get in Acorn today and we’ll get you on the road to your dream restored wood floor.


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We have been sanding wood floors for more than four decades — and we’re still one of the most respected companies in the area. That’s because we take a detailed approach to wood floor sanding. Our customers rely on us to restore their floors. For us, floor sanding is a passion. We take great pride in what we do, and we love nothing more than to transform a customer’s home with a newly sanded and refinished wooden floor. Using state-of-the-art equipment, specialist tools and decades of wood restoration experience.


At Acorn Floor Sanding, we take pride in restoring wood floors to their original condition. Our floor sanding services are reliable, affordable and guaranteed to deliver results. Our flooring experts have extensive experience in everything from floorboard sanding to specialist parquet floor sanding. We work with commercial, corporate and residential clients, where we always guarantee high quality services to all our customers.

Transform your wood floors with high-quality wood floor sanding.

Floor sanding isn’t just a job to us — it’s a passion. We love to see old and neglected wood floors morph into stunning centrepieces that add value to properties. How do we do this? Well, we call upon more than four decades of experience – as well as the huge wealth of knowledge we bring. 

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Professional Floor Sanding Services

Looking for the best floor sanding company? At Acorn Floor Sanding, we are  trusted experts with over four decades of experience and a diversely unique wood restoration skill set. We specialise in all things wood, be it Victorian Pine flooring, engineered wood flooring restoration, or even residential stair sanding.

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Wood floor sanding and wood restoration from one source.

At Acorn Floor Sanding, we take great pride in the diverse talents of our team.

Over the years, we have adopted and perfected a work ethic that prioritises our clients’ needs and preferences. You can rely on Acorn Floor Sanding thanks to our in-depth expertise, making us the best floor sanding company.


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Call us today on 07 887 942 676 to find out more about wood floor sanding. We can provide you with an on-site assessment and quote with no obligation.

We take huge pride in salvaging damaged and decaying wood floor boards for future generations. To find out how we can save your floor from an early demise, call us now on 07 887 942 676.

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Thoughtful Restoration
We believe that  restoration should go beyond the aesthetic to reflect deeper values and meaning. The concept of thoughtful restoration underpins everything we do.  It is reflected in our restoration approach, from the skills we apply, through to the thoughtfully finishing we create with artisans and craftsmen.
It is demonstrated in the unique understanding we have of our traditional trade translated in our vision of  restoration. It means we’re always looking beyond our own borders, and we’re open to new perspectives and influences that come our way.

From concept to completion, this approach ensures thoughtful restoration and thoughtful finishing.

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We 're guessing you have a wood floor that may need some TLC

Our wood floor sanding services have continually been developed with the professional in mind. Which is why, through our endeavours, we can now offer a complete wood floor restoration solution for any type of wood floor restoration project. Moreover, we want to emphasise that with Acorn Floor Sanding, as a professional wood floor sanding company, you are always guaranteed proper technical service before, during and after a project. From wood floor repairs and to wood floor finishing solutions and more, we have everything you need for your next project.

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We understand that restoring a wood floor isn’t something you do very often.

You probably have lots of questions regarding what's involved.

o    Is there a lot of dust? 

o    How bad is the smell? 

o    How do I ensure I will get a quality job? 

o    What is the best finish system? 

o    How much will it cost? 

o    How long does it take? 

Yes, there’s a fair bit to learn about wood floor sanding.

But we’re here to help you through this process. 

Give us a call on 07 887 942 676 to find out more about wood floor sanding.

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Contact Acorn
Tel 029 2048 4907
Mbl 07 887 942 676


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Call us today on 07 887 942 676 to find out more about wood stair sanding. We can provide you with an on-site assessment and quote with no obligation.

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Book a no-obligation consultation today, and our team will personally visit your property and inspect your wood worktops. You can also find out more by calling us on
07 887 942 676.

Any wood restoration processes

Should flow together sometimes merging contradictory ideas, sometimes inventing new approaches, and often re-awakening and re-inventing older methods. 

We don’t just sand wood, we work with you to create a beautiful, timeless restored wood that you will love. Acorn Floor Sanding ’s own methodical fusion of the traditional and the innovative that has been refined over four decades of restoring wood

Attention to detail, bold use of colours and beautifully finished, restored wood infused with a natural patina; these are the hall marks of the Acorn touch.


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We’ve perfected our techniques over many years, thanks to more than four decades of successful furniture repairs. To book an initial consultation or find out more about Acorn furniture repairs, give us a call on
07 887 942 676.

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At Acorn Floor Sanding our aim is to
Redefine a new benchmark for wood restoration; we constantly explore new techniques and applications. Acorn Floor Sanding, brings an in-depth knowledge of wood renovation and wood finishing, we bring a fresh perspective to every project. 

Our wood restoration services have continually been developed with the professional in mind. Which is why, through our endeavours, we can now offer a complete range of wood restoration solution for any type of wood restoration project.

Moreover, we want to emphasise that with Acorn Floor Sanding, is a professional wood restoration company
. From wood repairs and to wood finishing solutions and more.

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Contact Acorn
Tel 029 2048 4907
Mbl 07 887 942 676


 Acorn Floor Sanding’s high-quality wood floor sanding.

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We are the best floor sanding company and we consider ourselves master craftsmen and artisans who understand the history, legacy, and characteristics of wood. Acorn Floor Sanding wood floor restoration specialists can breathe new life into a wood floor and transform a dreary floor and preserve the time-honoured, cared-for character of a wood floor.  

Wood, can be honed, shaped, and coloured to create our architectural dreams with the finesse and charm of its glorious textures. Wood floor restoration should address weaknesses, preserve integrity and enhance durability. This is where we step in with our traditional techniques and innovative wood finishing to provide efficient wood floor restoration services. 


We Are Master Craftsmen!

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✓ Assessment: 

    Your floors are examined closely to determine how to best undertake their restoration. 

    You receive recommendations and suggestions for the best options.

✓ Repairs and Replacement: 

    The boards with cracks and gaps are filled, while the floorboards in worst condition can be replaced.

✓ Sanding: 

    Remove tiny bumps, scratches and splinters. You get rid of the worn finish and have a new canvas to paint on. 

    Our experts can deal with any ordinary residential parquet floors. 

    Moreover, they have extensive experience in restoring and sanding many different types of wood floors.

✓ Staining: 

    With the fresh wood exposed, you have the chance to stain your wood floors in a hue that better ties with your interior design. 

    The finishing products we use protect the wood.

✓ Finishing: 

    The final touch and the most important as this protects your wood from wear and tear. 

    Our eco-friendly wood finishes protects the wood for years and gives you endless ways to customise your wood surface.


Why Work With Acorn’s Top Floor Sanding Experts?

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