Like craft masters, we provide the wood floors we restore with features of true works of art. 

Our floor sanding and restoration focuses on the original ideal of the wood floor and strives to preserve that aesthetic.

We use many traditional methods and techniques whilst utilising modern durable wood finishes 

Creating specialist patinas and natural colours through a variety of traditional wood restoration processes that are exclusive to us. 

A fascination with wood and traditional methods of working with wood is visible in the attention to detail in the floors bearing our signature.

Unlike some alchemy of static perfection, wood floor restoration carefully draws each floor’s individuality out. 

Revealing an untold history and ever-evolving, untamed spirit.

An invitation to reconnect with our environment, 

Wood floor restoration offers breathtaking works of nature and luxury that are true to form.


They say that craftsmanship is a lost art. 

That the days of things made with hand are gone. 

That the idea of speed and quantity has overtaken the ideals of quality

We beg to differ.

Because, we do a lot more than just sand the floor 

It’s here where things are done differently and always done with attention to detail, using traditional renovation methods.

Wood floors are not simply sanded - wood floors are restored  

And the art of the craftsman lives on.

The beauty of a wood floor lies in the fact that as fashions change the effortless spatial effect of its simple, clean lines will continue to remain in style. 

No matter what you do with such a wonderful natural product, the aim must always be to do justice to its “natural” quality.

Preserving the wood floors’s integrity, with many of the unique natural details being retained and setting the tone for the choice of interior materials with delicate and intricate details colours and textures.

As a wood floors ages, the wood will continue to provide warmth, a lasting character and a comfortable natural feeling to your home.

That’s what makes wood so unique, so warm and beautiful – and makes every sanded wood floor unique with its own particular story and individual character.

Acorn Floor Sanding is known for a pioneering approach to floor sanding and restoration, this something you can rely on to inspire you with new ideas and to help to push the boundaries?

Acknowledged to be one of the leaders in our field both technically and aesthetically.

This expertise is now becoming ever more influential within the wood floor sanding and restoration, we hope to share our expertise with you.

Acorn Floor Sanding builds on the aesthetics of simplicity, integrity and practicality when approaching a wood floor sanding and restoration project. 

To meet your needs, our standard are constantly being enforced by the ethics of traditional craftsmanship and the quality of modern equipment and products. 

We use dustless sanding equipment and the highest quality finishes to allow us to sand, refinish or repair a wood floor with the upmost regard for long lasting quality.



This isn’t because they have no idea what they want, on the contrary it is often because they know what they like they are just unsure how to get there.  

Of course, no two clients have the same lives, tastes or dreams, just as no two wood floors have the same light, proportions or history. 

Each and every client is different; and so, too, is each and every unique wood floor. 

Acorn Floor Sanding floor restoration services therefore differ markedly from one floor to another.


Wood floor restoration is an art, and it can take a lifetime to learn all the tricks and techniques. 

Restoring a wood floor is all about bringing out the allure of wood. 

Wood as we love it.

We feel it under our feet.

It’s wood for a lifetime. 

We provide our clients with
Access to some of the most authentic and traditional wood renovation skills
Past down to us from the french polishers who taught us.

The inherent beauty of wood is central to our wood floor restoration work and indeed the heart of our wood floor sanding service.

We see a sanded wood floor as authentic and noble vessels that are based on the honesty of their origins.

There is a certain power and mystery that lies in the restoration of a wood floor once surrounded by vanished generations and bygone eras. 

The ability to take these wood floors and give them new life, each becoming a work of art in their own right, 


Our unique approach to wood floors means we take every element of wood floor sanding and restoration into consideration

Restored, these elements portray a captivating story of nature’s beauty, worn by time.

The history and heritage that enriches a wood floor is incredibly captivating.

Understanding the provenance of a wood floor and the story it carries with it is part of what wood floor restoration is all about.


Before any renovation takes place, some floors may be in need of major or minor repair. 

So we take absolutely everything into consideration and fully evaluate the flooring before we move on to the next stage.

This is indeed a rare feat these days as some floor sanding companies cut corners, time and costs to maximise profits.

The fastest way to turn back time on your floors is through our skilled wood floor restoration service.


We have a profound wealth of knowledge that extends to all aspects of the wood floor restoration.

Although we may have a few renovation secrets up our sleeves, first and foremost we have confidence in the raw material.

Creating a beautiful restored wood floors that exude an authentic, organic feel, and that is a true reflection of nature.

This is a whole new world of artistry, often intimidating to the novice professional.



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We have always stayed true to our ethos of authenticity and integrity. 

Our mission is still to do the best work of our lives for the world’s most beautiful, long lasting flooring material wood. 

We will continue to do our best.

That’s why we’re No1.

We exist to share our passion. 

From the beginning we have been associated with wood floor, wood floor sanders and restorers, who live and breathe for their craft. 

It is no surprise we continue to search out new and interesting products to bring innovative ideas to our wood floor restoration and maintenance system.

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