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At Acorn Floor Sanding, we have over four decades worth of experience restoring wood floors. 

We are constantly learning and innovating with new skills, tools and experience, introducing new approaches to wood floor restoration. In fact, we like to think that we’re doing our bit to take the market forward, opening people’s eyes to the inherent versatility of wood floor restoration. Our approach to wood floor restoration is as detailed as it is comprehensive. We combine practical and technical know-how skills with a genuine appreciation for wood floor restoration. 

Our Services

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There are essentially many wood restoration services that we offer at Acorn Floor Sanding, each one culminating in a beautiful restored wood floor with a unique patina that has been expertly sanded and finished, adding the finishing touches goes hand in hand with our acute attention detail, and reflects our level of wood restoration skills. 

Our wood floor services are designed to address weaknesses, preserve integrity, enhance durability and add value. To provide you with the information you need to fully understand our services and to be able to consider it with knowledgeable eyes, we are able to provide a wealth of rare and expansive knowledge that combine traditional practice with contemporary restoration philosophies, drawing on over four decades of experience, 

We listens closely to our clients’ needs and wishes to execute a wood restoration based on their unique perspective. The goal of our work ultimately is a beautiful restored wood worktop — one that reflects both the natural beauty of wood and the professional vision that guided its completion.

Acorn Floor Sanding has a wealth of accumulated knowledge about how best to restore a wood floor, decades of trial and error, a hunger for knowledge and constant improvement helped by a good grounding in french polishing and commercial wood finishing. This expertise and skill base, not only gives our customers the absolute piece of mind, but also our guarantee to provide you with the perfect solution. Few floor sanding companies can offer the same level of expertise and skill that Acorn Floor Sanding provide

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