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Wood floor finish

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You could fill a library with the different ways of finishing wood, there are oils and lacquers, two, pack finishes and stains, sealers and varnishes, ​some are wiped on; some are sprayed, while still others are brushed on. The choice of finish reflects the last step in the wood floor restoration journey. Acorn Floor Sanding has a unique approach to wood floor sanding and refinishing. This ensures that not only do our floors look good but they also perform really well.

Know your wood floors by starting at the finish

There are at least as many definitions of wood finishing as there are wood finishers.The quality of the finish that goes on your floor is perhaps the most important part of the sanding process.Our specially devised finishing program allows you to select from an endless range of possibilities to create a truly unique finish patina. The majority of our finishing techniques, some of which date as far back as the 17th century, were developed by us over the past 40 years working with some of the leading wood finish manufacturers.

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Wood restoration for us is a traditional and creative profession that captures and preserves the time and history of wood. Acorn is widely known for our wood floor restoration sensibility, transforming old wood floors into the spectacular with the use of traditional skills, natural colours and durable finishes.


We study the wood floor, its intended use, it’s possibilities, and its positives and, even its negatives, the result is that we restore wood floors that go beyond the ordinary. We offer a different concept, we are here to make a wood floor, your vision, our Interpretation, a lasting Impression. Many attempt to claim the title of “wood floor sanders.” But Acorn prides itself on being much more.

No matter what the condition of your floor or the type of wood, let us show you the beauty of a wood floor, picking an appropriate finish for a wood floor can turn out to be a daunting task and is fundamental in the decision-making process related to your flooring project.


Wood floor finishes are available in a broad array of options, including oiled, distressed, white washed and lacquered. Lacquered floors are known for their especially tough qualities. Usually, they have a bit of a shine, even if you've chosen matt lacquer. Lacquered finish flooring is a durable option and withstands a lot of wear and tear.

One of the most exciting things to happen to wood floors over the recent years is the advancement in style and technology involved with the finishes that can be applied to wood floors once they have been sanded. Lacquers are now light years away from the old fashioned high VOC orange coloured gloss finishes from years gone by that make the wood look as if it is covered in layers of plastic. Their modern counterparts are environmentally friendly with a range of sheen levels including ultra matt and soft delicate sheens if desired. There are also lacquers which whilst giving the wood maximum protection, the finish gives the wood an unfinished appearance to create a completely natural look.

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A wood floor finish is designed to make wood look good and meet the demands to be placed on the finish.  

Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors for over 35 years

Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service

Acorn embraces traditional french polishing along with modern finishes

Restoring the unique radiance of a wood floor

By using traditional restoration elements and modern finishes and infusing them, mixing these elements helps create a wood floor that are durable, elegant and smart. We are always looking for products and processes that are innovative, whether it is the method the material or the process; we want to provide cutting edge service for our customer’s, our approach is simple, and we’ll never reject an idea. Acorn is recognised for our variety of innovative wood finishing solutions that impeccably blend functional and esthetic needs. 

The quality of the finish that goes on your floor is perhaps the most important part of the sanding process. Our proprietary finishing system uses water-based coatings that offers performance, consistency and vibrancy that harmonises perfectly with the natural feeling of wood. They have an attractive sheen (matt, satin and gloss are available), that bring out the full lustre and depth of real wood. Wood finishing products that are environmentally friendly and low VOC. Other specialist wood floor finishes are also available.

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We are able to embrace  traditional wood restoration skills with modern wood finishing techniques 

 Choosing the finish

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This is mostly down to personal taste. We are able to provide advice on ease of application and durability. If you follow our advice any finish will give great results. Our understanding of wood finishes is constantly updated and you may find our views differ from the established common views which are not always based on hands on application and over 40 years of experience. Although developing wood finishing options is our absolute forte, we can happily support traditional finishes that resonate with contemporary design aesthetics. 

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We’re knowledgeable about wood finishing

As Wood finishing Specialists, we provide colour matching service as well as virtually limitless options in terms of finishes, colours, ageing and distressing of the wood. We create patinas and natural colours through a variety of traditional wood finishing techniques that are exclusive to Acorn. After sanding a floor, the finish is a crucial step, since that’s what will give the work its final aesthetic appearance and determine the level of protection of the floor.


A floor finish is a clear protective layer applied to the floor after the floor sanding process. It is also referred to as floor varnish or floor seal and comes in a variety of different sheens; matt, satin and gloss. After years of wood restoration and french polishing, learning and improving we have the accumulated knowledge, experience and competence to guarantee the correct wood floor restoration service.


The master french polishers at Acorn Floor Sanding offer you outstanding know-how as well as all the best application techniques and finishing options, for wood floors. Of course, all these methods also apply to the finishing most types of interior wood fixtures.

What is a wood finish

When it comes to wood finishes, nothing is really very clear. Terminology is frequently misused or used interchangeably or a brand name may be used incorrectly as a synonym for a type of finish. It is no wonder that making the correct selection for the task at hand can be confusing.

We want to help you understand what makes a good finish. We believe in educating our customers, and to help you have a better understanding, about finishing a wood floor.


There are 3-types of wood finish Coalescing, Evaporative and Reactive, which includes environmentally friendly water base lacquers  

We recommend Granwax floor finishes

Distinguished by their high percentage of solids, Granwax floor finishes offers unmatched quality both aesthetically and functionally. Granwax finishes are known for their high-build characteristics and are commonly used for both residential and commercial wood floors. This finish has the patina of a light, amber-tinted finish that minimises the reveal of scratches and imperfections of typical finishes. Wood floor finishes that perform with the ease and care of modern finish and incorporate the durability of high-traffic, commercial-grade, floor coating. 

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From restoration to re finishing - There are three fundamental aspects


Is a genuine, passionate pursuit of beauty, the wood floor restoration is developed considering the importance of the aesthetic and emotional value of a wood floor, there are no wood floors considered less important than others, sometimes the restoration can be more complex. In any case, the goal is the same; to transform wood floors and infuse them with a deeper kind of beauty that transcends the imagination and inspire for a lifetime. 


Is we focus on wood floor sanding and restoration. Our works is the result of a continuous research on methods and materials that join together to go beyond their own limits, it can be described both ways! Restoration, with a strong component of exploring the possibilities, and the ability to restore fundamental cores of a wood floor, at the same time renovation, to explore all the infinite options for wood floor refinishing.


Is a passion for restoration, extensive french polishing experience and an in-depth understanding of wood restoration, we provide the complete sanding and renovation service. Distinguished by our expressive signature style, our wood floor restoration is a creative collaboration of traditional restoration techniques and the best finishing products  go together to realise a timeless restored wood floor without equals. 

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The perfect finish starts here

Our high level of craftsmanship and experience allows us to provide our clients with bespoke finishes & products, which sets us apart from the competition. It is not just confidence without a reason, it is the fact we’ve already found the perfect balance between old and new, with proven traditional techniques and modern durable finishes, and the right proportions of professionalism. 

As a craftsman on the finishing side wood floor restoration, it has become necessary to become familiar with many different types of finish, and the different application methods each type requires. Acorn Floor Sanding use only approved lacquer & oil, wood floor finishing products, which not only guaranteed the maximum durability of the chosen finish, but gives you a piece of mind that the floor finish is manufactured by the latest industry standards and fully comply with the British environmental regulations. 

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“What’s the best type of wood finish to use for a wood floor?”

We always amused when we get asked this question, as if there is only one single “right” finish to use for a wood floor. The real answer would be, “it depends…” It all depends on what type of look you’re going for, what level of protection you want, the type of sheen etc. But the more we think about this question, the more we realise that although there is no “wrong” finish for a wood floor, there are definitely some finishes that work better in certain situations than others.

There are many different wood floor finishes and floor refinishing solutions we can use to achieve the effect you want.

 Some people might call lacquer floor varnish, but in professional terms, varnish is only one type of wood floor finish. The quality of the finish that goes onto your floor is perhaps the most important part of the entire sanding process and commercial floor finishes will be far more durable than those used in the domestic environment. Acorn Floor Sanding only use top quality lacquers to protect the finished wood.


The introduction of water based floor lacquers revolutionised the world of wood floor coatings in 1995 with pioneering crosslinking technology in a waterborne formula. Today, these floor lacquers still holds a unique position on the market due to their innovative formula. Acorn Floor Sanding uses water based floor finishes from Granwax, our most popular floor lacquers are Granwax GP Excel Floor Lacquer and Granwax Masterfinish Commercial Floor Lacquer, both types of lacquers are water based, low odour and 100% natural

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Through experience we know that our wood finishes provide the best solution.

We look beyond the ordinary to finish a wood floor, after years of wood restoration and french polishing, learning and improving we have the accumulated knowledge, experience and competence to guarantee the correct wood floor restoration service. We respect the process of each stage in the floor sanding procedure and know how to take all the necessary steps, we use professional floor finishes as these offer the perfect protection for your floor.

Our wood floor finishes (varnish) effectively emphasise the visual impact of a wood floor with stylistic confidence for a natural experience, enhancing the wood’s natural beauty, colour, figure patterns, grain, and depth.

 Wood floor finishing at its best.

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