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French polishing Cardiff

Is a fascinating, traditional wood restoration process, a long established art that has largely remained unchanged for over one hundred years. The products may have changed and become more refined, but the techniques remain the same. It’s a skill that requires perfection and patience.

What is French Polishing 

French polishing is a specialist traditional wood finishing technique, specialist skill to repair and remedy wood floor problems such as scratches, marks, damage to the surface, and uneven varnish and staining. With the expertise, passion and vision for restoring the beauty with in wood, a French polisher is in a unique position, a skilled professional, who will have a vast amount of knowledge and a large reference library to help deal with issues such as an incorrect finish and the wrong age and type of timber that has been used in repairs. French polishing make use of time-tested, traditional wood restoration methods that can restore your wood floor while making the repairs invisible. French polishing can correctly repair and restore and redefine the character of wood floor. 

Cardiff french polishing

Ever wondered exactly what French polishing is. And what a French polisher can do for you.

Well, if you have wood furniture, or a wood floor there’s a lot that can be done! French polishing not only enhances the beauty of your fixtures but also protects too. We apply the term french polisher to describe craftsmen who are skilled in the art of finishing furniture. It is a generic term, as a french polisher will have a broad and wide ranging base of knowledge for achieving the exact finish for a particular piece of wood.

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Restoration, Preservation and Renovation of wood floors is Acorn Floor Sanding specialty. 

Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors for over 35 years

Master Craftsman in French Polishing & Wood Floor Restoration

In a process that finds a balance between traditional skills, craft, and technology

French polishing Newport

French polishing has been around since the early 1800’s and here at Acorn we can still use those same techniques and application from all those generations ago when restoring a wood floor.

French polishing is a delicate art. It takes time and patience to achieve anything as good as a professional, but is all the more rewarding for doing so.  It is near impossible to achieve the results that French polishing offer with any other finishing technique.


The application is considered to be quite an art and we are fully qualified French polisher who has had years’ experience  learning this unique skill.


Skilled in using traditional and modern finishing techniques, we’re able to restore wood floors using traditional restoration methods. We love repurposing and enjoy giving wood floors a whole new lease of life. Traditionally trained in the art of colour matching and custom staining - scratches, burns and ring marks magically disappear.

A French polisher can restore your wood floors to their former glory, giving you the joy of seeing the splendour of the wood. French polishers are wood restoration specialists and will ensure that you are left with a top quality finish that will protect the wood floor for years to come.

French polishing swansea

The advantage of choosing the services of a floor sanding company with a background in french polishing is that we can combine our traditional restoration skills with modern durable finishing materials, creating stains that match your existing flooring.

french polishing cardiff
French polishing newport
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 What restoration and repair services can we offer?

Our expertise is very much associated with mid century furniture  however, this does provide a strong foundation for the restoration of wood floors.


Your floors are examined closely to determine how to best undertake their restoration. 

Repairs and Replacement: 

The boards with cracks and gaps are filled to minimise draft, while the floorboards in worst condition are replaced.


Remove tiny bumps, scratches and splinters. You get rid of the worn finish and have a new canvas to paint on. 


With the fresh wood exposed, you have the chance to stain your wood floors in a hue that better ties with your interior design. 


The final touch and the most important as this protects your wood from wear and tear. Our eco-friendly products seal the wood for years and gives you endless ways to customise a wood surface.


We try to maintain a conservation ethos in all aspects of our work.

French polishing has become considered a little bit of a lost art, so at Acorn Floor Sanding we are proud that we are able to carry on a tradition that has been practised by expert craftsmen for decades. Traditional French polishing is how we started as a business using our expertise to restore wood finishes back to how they were intended to be. 

Using these traditional techniques, we can help to enhance the appearance and aesthetic appeal of a wood floor.

French polishing wood
Traditional French polishing

Acorn Floor Sanding has rapidly become the undisputed specialist in the restoration of wood floors, we have been honing our craft for over  40 years, learning everything we can about bringing old wood back to life and honouring the timeless tradition of the french polisher’s skills. 

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French Polishing - What's not to love!

French polishing wood
Cardiff French polishing

French polishing is all about achieving a fine as possible surface this is only possible when a finish is applied with a very soft polishing pad, the French polish process can take many hours to complete, and the aim of French polishing is to bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain, allowing it to shine through rather than be covered or altered in some way.


The entire method requires both knowledge and skill.  Traditional French polishing is often the most suitable procedure for finishing a wood surface, however there is an alternative modern finish for wood floors, these are durable water based floor lacquers, with very low V.O. C’s (volatile organic components). 

Skilled craftsmen can use a combination of the latest technology and time-honoured traditional techniques to restore and refinish all types of wood surfaces – whilst preserving the woods integrity. Damaged finishes can also be repaired and colour matched seamlessly. Small areas such as stains, burns, ring marks can often be treated without the need to strip the whole area. With more involved wood floor restoration projects, our specialist team of wood restorers have a set analytical procedure, in which we evaluate the best options for wood floor restoration. 

When it comes to restoring a wood floor it’s crucial that the proper techniques are used in order to create the best finish possible. 

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French polishing 2.jpg

The application of a glossy surface to a wood surface, by the means of a Lac or Shellac solution”. Shellac being a polish made from the exudation of the Lac Beetle, mixed with methylated spirit.

Though finishing techniques can reproduce a variety of looks in the refurbishment of a wood surface, only time can produce that genuinely antique look – a look that had its roots in the original finish.


If the purpose of French Polishing is simple, being to seal the timber, and prevent movement due to moisture absorption, but the practice is as complex as the craft is old. It wears well and keeps the dirt out, whilst providing a superior finish.

And refurbishing furniture that has been properly finished in the first place is particularly challenging, though, when you get it right, its enormously rewarding for craftsman and client.

 French Polishing is a very popular finish for fine pieces of furniture, and the application is an art in itself. The application of numerous layers of polish by a rubber (a pad made of wadding and cloth to apply the polish) until the desired degree of depth is obtained. Then the piece of work is cut back by the craftsman until the desired finish is obtained. In the hands of a capable craftsman hand French Polishing provides an immaculate finish to any wood surface, whilst enhancing the features of the timber.

Why use French Polishing?

In an age when synthetic material use and type has never been so diverse and this includes wood finishes, why use a product that is as old as the hills and relies on the vagaries of insect reproduction to create it? The history bit is a clue, for restoration work to use a product that has a history that is often as old as the furniture it is being applied to is very sympathetic to the application – ask a restorer and they tell you it just feels right to use it! But it also has many properties that also make it the correct product to use – these include;


• UV resistant – and it does not colour with time 

• It will withstand exposure to water for short time periods – especially if maintained 

• It is not a ‘brittle’ product so does not scratch like hard modern finishes 

• It will adhere to almost any surface 

• Its non-toxic and hypoallergenic 

• It is odourless once the carrier solvent has evaporated 

• It is an all natural product harvested from the insect secretions and as such is from a renewable resource.

French polishing

Having dealt with diverse projects ranging from natural-wood finishes creating bespoke tints and colours, to delicate antique restoration, we are uniquely qualified in our breadth of knowledge and skills. We bring vast experience as highly-skilled specialists in every aspect of wood restoration.

Restoring the unique radiance of wood 

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Email or phone us with measurements of the rooms to be restored and we can give you a provisional estimate.

If you have any questions or would like to make an enquiry based on a room measurement, why not get in contact?

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