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Acorn Floor Sanding - Sanding stairs

A wood staircase can look utterly charming in a home. With the right floorboards and flooring finishes, wood stairs are impeccably lasting too! Because Acorn Floor Sanding has extensive experience with floor sanding and restoration, we are a great option for staircase sanding and restoration work. 

Sanding stairs is quite a slow process due to the fact that only small sanding tools can be used and all of the work should be done by hand. 

Even though it takes a lot of effort and it is an intense process, the final result is well worth the hard work, no matter how old your staircase is, Acorn Floor Sanding, have the expertise to restore it to its original condition.


While sanding brings wood back to its initial glory and beauty, the following finishing and staining services provide the finishing touches. Being the first thing most of the visitors of your home will notice when entering the house, wood stairs should look great and make a good first impression.

stair sanding.png

 There is no need to cover your old stairs just because they look old and tired. A wood staircase can look utterly charming in a home or add a professional edge to a commercial environment. In fact, stairs can be an important feature of the interior design.

Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service

Wood staircase are too often neglected – or taken for granted as a carpet-covered connection from one floor to the next. This can be a vast waste of their potential. Over and above the purely functional, a staircase is a sleeping beauty that can be revived to take its rightful place as the centrepiece of your property. With their awkward shapes and fiddly corners, a staircase is often perceived as beyond feasible restoration: tricky and too much trouble.

  •  Painstaking? -                     Yes. Old layers of paint and varnish have to be stripped away before sanding and finishing.

  •  Labour-intensive? -            Certainly – as such small areas of wood need to be worked on by hand.  

  •  But look at the results! -  A fresh, clean and perfectly finished stairs can enhance your living or working space.

Floor sanding WSS1.jpg

Acorn Floor Sanding has over 40 years of experience in sanding stairs so you know that we will always aim for perfection in your home. We can restore your existing wood staircases so that it blends flawlessly with the wood floor.

Stair sanding 5.jpg

Restoration, Preservation and Renovation of wood floors is Acorn Floor Sanding specialty. 

Unmatched expertise in refinishing and refurbishing wood stairs

Our main goal for refinishing your wood stairs is to achieve the epitome of elegance your home deserves

Restore Your Staircase with Stairs Sanding

Stairs sanding tends to be a pretty neglected service in the wood flooring industry and here we would like to emphasise on the importance of stairs sanding. Since stairways are no longer just a functional feature of every home, nowadays this structural feature of the house can be used in the context of interior design, therefore stairs sanding becomes a more essential part of a home restoration project.


In fact, stairs are already an important feature of the interior design of your house, they can even become a focal point of your home, depending on their design and style and stairs sanding should be considered regularly too.

Stair sanding 3.jpg

You can hardly envision a home without such important components of the interior style and functionality like wood stairs and floors. Being the first thing most of the visitors of your home will notice when entering the house, wood stairs should look great and make a good first impression.

No matter how bad your staircase looks, it can be restored to its original charm. From single unit stairways in homes and small offices to larger flights in hotels and older style properties, we guarantee to bring your staircase as close to new again as is possible.


Stair sanding 14.jpg
Floor sanding TP3.jpg

Acorn Floor Sanding are proud to be known as old-fashioned wood craftsmen and work equally well with hand tools as we do with hi-tech machinery. Whatever the job you can be confident that we have the nous to carry out the work as close to perfection as possible.  By their very design, staircases offer limited space to work in, so all stripping and sanding work is carried out the old-fashioned way – by hand. Although this may seem a daunting and lengthy task for the amateur, for the true professional it is just another challenge – and at Acorn Floor Sanding we do love a challenge!

Such small areas of wood need to be worked on by hand

Stair sanding.jpg
Stair sanding 5.jpg

Step upto a new stairway

If you’re a lover of fine things and traditional craftsmanship, natural wood staircases could be the perfect choice for you. A professionally restored wood staircase is a sight to behold. It invokes a feeling of warmth and luxury, enhances your property, and can add value to your home.


Nothing is more striking than a beautiful, genuine, wood staircase in your hallway. To ensure that your staircase is in the best shape possible, professional sanding is essential.

Many people will try to take on this massive job themselves. What could be simpler than a bit of rubbing down and then painting or varnishing?


Well, it is one of the trickiest and most complicated aspects of what we do, purely because of the intricate parts. It needs a lot of care and attention to have a finished job that looks exceptional. That is where Acorn Floor Sanding really excel – it’s all in the detail and finish.


The service we offer at Acorn Floor Sanding is quick and comprehensive, restoring your staircase. We have worked on all types of wood stairs, producing stunning results everywhere we go, and yours will be no different.

Stairs come is a variety of types and styles

Stair sanding 12.jpg
Stair staining 1a.jpg

A wood staircase can add a distinctive design element to your home. 

There are many beautiful hidden staircases under carpets that could be transformed from our stair sanding services.

Imagine a beautiful wood staircase to match your newly sanded wood floors. Wood is a great material for stairs because of its durability, but due to the high footfall on a staircase, it also needs to be maintained and treated regularly to ensure that retains its natural beauty.


Every staircase we restore is a challenge and individual to that house and so we approach each wood staircase with an open mind, to get the right result for that particular staircase in that particular house, but most importantly to get it right for the client. This area of wood floor restoration, is when you need to choose a company with the experience and skill sets needed when restoring wood staircases. 


Stair sanding 11.jpg
Stauir sanding 10.jpg
Stair sanding 15.jpg

 Where Acorn Floor Sanding really excel – it’s all in the detail and finish

Old stairs are much better built than what it is available today on the market and even the wood looks like it was better quality. Even if the stair case was covered with carpets for years, or if it was painted, varnished, etc. we can turn back time and make it look like new.


Acorn Floor Sanding are proud to be known as old-fashioned wood restoration craftsmen and work equally well with hand tools as we do with hi-tech machinery. Of course, sanding or even refinishing stairs can be tedious, because a staircase is an enclosed area with little room for free movement, Whatever the job you can be confident that we have the expertise to undertake the work. ​We love nothing more than to transform an old original staircase from a carpet covered series of steps to a magnificent showpiece.


Like all wood floors, stairs have often been covered with carpet for many years that hides a multitude of history. They can be laced with nails and tacks and covered with layers and layers of paint. These characteristics can make sanding stairs very time consuming, often with our technicians working in cramped and awkward positions, battling fumes and dust. Stair sanding is a painstaking process which can be time and labour intensive but once stripped; a natural wood staircase can quickly become the visual centerpiece of any home.


Sadly, stairs tend to be the most neglected area of flooring as they are often covered by carpeting for generations on end. After 100 years of paint and carpet and neglect, old staircases can be brought up to an amazing finish using a lot of elbow grease and the right stains and lacquers. There are usually two different options for stair sanding:

OPTION 1 – We only sand & finish the treads and the risers are painted a colour to match the rest of the stairs.

OPTION 2 – The entire tread and risers are sanded and refinished. 

The significant steps to sanding and refinishing wood stairs

Sanding a staircase is far from easy. It is not a simple project that you can achieve with a palm sander. It’s not a good idea to treat it as a DIY project just for fun or to save some money, because if you make mistakes, it would ultimately cost you more to fix the stairs.

You need experienced professionals to work on the old worn out stairs with appropriate equipment. At Acorn Floor Sanding, we provide top-quality staircase sanding services in several areas across the UK. 


Stair sanding is often considered a challenging project. Indeed, sanding each stair and all the wood elements of the staircase step by step is a tricky thing and takes some time. Awkward shapes and tight corners make wood floor sanding a test for the patience even of the most experienced wood floor sanding specialist. 


If the stairs have been previously painted, our wood stair sanding service starts with stripping the old paint first. This is essential so a perfectly smooth and even surface of the stairs can be achieved later on. Next, the stairs sanding process itself is labour-intensive too. Unlike sanding a large surface of a floor, stairs are smaller and oddly shaped, which requires the usage of daintier equipment only and often involves sanding by hand for reaching all the nooks and corners of the space.

Stair sanding 4.jpg
Stair sanding 1.jpg
Stair sanding 2.jpg
Stair sanding 19.jpg

What differs stairs sanding from the same treatment for a wood floor is how delicate stairs sanding is. Compared to classic wood sanding, stairs sanding can be trickier and more challenging job because of the smaller surface, the many angular areas. Therefore, stairs sanding is a job you want to leave in the reliable hands of knowledgeable and experienced professionals. Only a real expert will be able to perform stairs sanding with the required attention to details. In addition, only a professional stair sanding company will have the right delicate tools and equipment for performing outstanding stairs sanding service. 


So, if you are looking for reliable stairs sanding experts, we are the company to count on. When it comes to stairs sanding, we know how to handle the more delicate job, we use advanced and dainty equipment that serves the requirements of a stairs sanding project, we have the knowledge and expertise to undertake stairs sanding.

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