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Milton Glaser, a graphic designer from New York, once said 

There are three responses to a piece of design: yes, no, and wow! Wow is the one to aim for.” His words of wisdom certainly apply to wood floor restoration.  For wood floor sanding and restorations, this kind of response is always the dream! There are few things more satisfying than restoring a wood floor that truly delights clients, making them stop in their tracks and say “wow”.

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Wood Floor Sanding Cardiff - Our Approach

We look, listen & learn. You will quickly see why many people turn to us for their wood floor sanding needs. It is the hallmark of Acorn Floor Sanding to be intuitive restorers, passionate innovators, and Innovative wood finishers that sand and restore wood floors 

Much of the wood floor sanding process starts from knowing what happened before. History teaches us, that what is important to a wood floor is the story it tells us. We strive for our wood floor sanding to be respectful of wood floor story, yet express its individuality and form a part of an ever-evolving history, always listening, always educating, always creating and always producing impeccably sanded and restored wood floors. Our goal is to break up the monotony of the have a go wood floor sanding companies, producing poorly sanded wood floors at all levels of the market.

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Our strategic yet passionate approach to combining traditional wood floor sanding withf modern products and finishes that is tangibly different. “Wood floor sanding that is based on purpose and function. When wood restoration solves a functional problem as simply and elegantly as possible, the resulting form will be honest and timeless.
We look for that singular opportunity in every wood floor where wood floor sanding can both elevate and reveal the innate beauty of the wood. We sand and restore distinct and authentic wood floors while injecting cutting edge and bespoke solutions. We tailor every approach to the details of a wood floor, working within the limitations of the floor condition. This idea manifests itself in the wood floor we restore, which on first glance appear simple and elegant, but on closer inspection reveal more complex and detailed process.  

That’s because from the outset we deliver a heightened level of service, a passion for wood restoration excellence, and a sincere respect for a natural material, bolstered by our strong background in French polishing.

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Wood floor sanding and restoration can be complicated, making the service of expert’s indispensable.

Our versatility is the cornerstone of all we do, and understanding every client’s needs is the key.

As french polishers, Acorn has already established the best practices that minimise the time required for project completion.

This service offering would help the client save a lot of time and effort coming up with the right restoration option for your wood floor.  therefore, saves the client from the headache of research on most suitable company, methods and product.

Providing the most complementary process for wood floor sanding

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Over the years, we have cemented our position as the best wood floor experts, and we have a flourishing base of happy and satisfied clients. We started sanding floors from around the late 80’s. Shortly after we started purchasing industrial floor sanders as it was clear using hire machines was not compatible to doing the best work. The hunger for knowledge and constant improvement has not diminished as we approach our fourth decade in wood floor restoration.


Therefore, Acorn Floor Sanding has a wealth of accumulated knowledge about how best to restore wood floors involving, like most trades, decades of trial and error, helped by a good grounding in professional French polishing and commercial wood finishing. We have a team of talented and highly skilled technicians, flooring experts, sanding and restoration specialists trained in innovative processes and traditional preservation techniques that can definitely be a great help for your wood floor renovation projects.

Experts You

Can Trust

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The only way to restore a genuinely beautiful wood floor, is to restore it using traditional wood floor sanding methods.

As wood floor sanding specialist, when it comes to the finer points in wood restoration our knowledge french polishing in particular, is underpinned by a detailed eye and a passion for wood. We reject the sand and varnish formulated way to restore a wood floor, we hope every wood floor can retain its uniqueness, and original patina. Our expert craftsmen use their wood floor sanding skills to restore these characterful floors. Generated from years of hands on experience of wood floor sanding, in-depth product knowledge and sheer hard work. Creative thinking and a professional service illustrating the simple and natural beauty of a wood floor. This capability enables us to offer a distinctive approach and a refined wood floor sanding process.

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Floor sanding Bristol

The inherent beauty of wood is central to our wood floor sanding work and indeed the heart of our wood floor sanding service, we see a sanded wood floor as authentic and noble vessels that are based on the honesty of their origins, there is a certain power and mystery that lies in the restoration of a wood floor. The ability to take these wood floors and give them new life, each becoming a work of art in their own right. 

We focus on restoring quality, timeless wood floors. 

We find solutions by combining our unique wood finishing knowledge with exceptional craftsmanship and expertise

Our purpose is to sand and restore timeless, sustainable and beautiful wood floors that are aspirational to our clients, to achieve this we must remain agile and retain the ability to adapt to change whilst maintaining a rigour that keeps wood floor sanding as our essence. Our committed approach to high quality wood floor sanding, delivered with integrity and pragmatism to exceed clients’ expectations, is backed up with key areas of expertise and an experience.


Our attention to detail and unique approach set us apart from our competition, our french polishing background has provided us with a rare opportunity as wood floor restorers. With our commitment to innovation, our unique know-how, the strength of our wood floor sanding expertise, we treat every job on its merits and aim to deliver a solution to suit your particular tastes and the wood floors condition.

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Restoring a very neglected square pattern parquet block floor

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We think we’re good at what we do 

Always preserving just, the right amount of character 

 This in itself provides a superior concept, dovetailing the wood floor sanding with the restoration skills of french polishing, utilising the correct renovation techniques to ensure that all restored wood floors are fit for purpose. These wood floor sanding techniques ensure that a restored wood floor will exhibit a lustre that can only be achieved using time honoured traditions. While it’s fair to say that when it comes to wood floors, we’ve seen it all, we treat every job on its merits and aim to deliver a solution. Specialist in sympathetic and traditional wood floor sanding, Acorn Floor Sanding excels in this area of sanding, repairing and restoring wood floors. Sanding is an integral pre-requisite to the finishing process; we use state-of-the-art floor sanding and wood floor sanding machinery. Experience and the right machines ensure wood floors are sanded with precision and care to achieve a beautiful even finish.  This is tied together with the knowledge of the best-available product formulations to compliment the wood floor sanding process. These together offer you a long-lasting and striking wood floor.

Restoring a worn pine parquet block kitchen floor

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Our expertise lies in wood floor sanding.

And having a reliable and expert company such as Acorn Floor Sanding to sand and restore your wood floors brings more advantages. In fact, hiring Acorn Floor Sanding to do the job for you is your guarantee for professionalism, competence and flawless wood floor sanding results. Giving you an honest opinion and recommendations, respecting your own ideas and requirements. We are often asked if there is anything we wouldn’t tackle and the simple answer is “no, there isn’t”.  With the correct approach and material application, there is no type of wood surface that cannot be repaired, restored and refinished. The wood floor sanding details make the difference

If you are a champion of the original, the unique, the one-off

Then Acorn Floor Sanding restoration is created for you, our extraordinary work ethic and attention to detail are reflected in every aspect of wood floor sanding and restoring  wood floor, wood floors that are both functional and beautiful in equal measure, the quality of both the advice that we give and of the products that we use is reflected in every aspect of wood floor sanding and finishing, over the last 40 years we have sanded and restored many different floors for our clients - restored by skilled craftsmen. 


You are invited to explore the many aspects of wood floor sanding and restoration, as you wander from word to word and image to image, all of which has been especially curated to help you understand the complexities and possibilities of wood floor sanding and restoration. Born out of the joint enterprise of traditional skills and modern wood finishes from Acorn Floor Sanding.

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