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Our client list ranges from national UK, to individual property developers and new clients from innumerable word-of-mouth recommendations – the main way we grow our business.

Setting the standard for professional commercial floor sanding

Our client list ranges from national UK companies who continue to work with us year after year, to individual property developers and new clients from innumerable word-of-mouth recommendations – the main way we grow our business.

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Different clients require different solutions. 

Serving a broad customer base, from architects to commercial contractors, we remain at the forefront of our industry, utilising the unique expertise and wood restoration, backed up by over 40 years wood floor sanding and restoration experience. From museum, schools and colleges to clubs, restaurants, our main aim is to provide perfect results. A company who care and stand apart from the crowd, and who exemplify the core values of integrity, responsibility and a commitment to excellence. This is enhanced by a vast experience and a wealth of product knowledge and wood finishing expertise, using the best methods and materials for the restoration of wood floors.

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 Our portfolio includes projects completed for clients in a range of locations with floor spaces of various sizes, and however large or small your space, we can tailor our floor sanding services to suit your exact requirements. From homeowners and designers to architects and developers, we have a range of wood floor restoration services perfect for any project. With over four decade of experience, Acorn Floor Sanding aims to provide our clients with high standard work and customer service, ensuring that you not only receive the best results but that you have enjoyed the service provided.

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We provide a range of services for wood floor restoration, from sanding and refinishing to staining and sealing. We can manage all aspects of wood floor restoration and refinishing, working alongside our clients, we can plan and manage your project with continual communication from start to finish. We offer a commitment to you from the Initial site survey, offering free expert advice, through to the completion of your project on time, within budget and with minimal disruption. The commercial clients we work with have all come back for more because they know that our job will be done right the first time – every time.

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Setting the standard for professional commercial floor sanding

We want to create a wood floor sanding service where we could deliver wood floor restoration in a new and exciting way. A service that is complimentary to all our customers – a service unique to Acorn Floor Sanding. Simply put, it is our insistence on using only the finest materials and traditional techniques, while always maintaining careful awareness for the environment and a dedication to the art and tradition of restoring beautiful, enduring wood floors. Innovations, wood floors thoughtfully restored, masterfully worked that provide you with the best quality. You can rest assured that the restored wood floors you love today will endure for others to continue admiring tomorrow.

Creating something that is different to anything being provided by other floor sanding companies.

Developing innovative products and restoration solutions that emphasise the natural character of the wood in various ways!
We have the expertise to undertake any wood floor restoration, making the beauty of wood visible and tangible in a very special way.
Our extraordinary work ethic and attention to detail are reflected in every aspect of sanding and restoring a one-of-a-kind wood floor.

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