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Repairing and conserving as much of the original elements as possible. Everything that is broken can be repaired, and that also applies to a wood floor. Before any renovation takes place, some floors may be in need of major or minor repair. We have always encompassed wood floor repairs in our repertoire of restoration services; this requires an understanding of the complexities of wood. Wood repair aesthetic that focuses on preserving the original wood and infusing a floors subtle references to nature. Highly developed skills underpin ours strength in wood floor repair and restoration. We are specialist and not "jack of all trades" with over 40 years of experience we have developed the skills and expert knowledge for quality results every time. When it comes to wood floor repairs, we believe there’s no substitute for a professional french polisher, meaning we only offer the highest quality of repairs.

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Restoration, Preservation and Renovation of wood floors is Acorn Floor Sanding specialty. 

Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors for over 35 years

Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service


Acorn provides the perfect balance of knowledge, passion and experience to carry out complex wood floor repairs. 

Restoring the unique radiance of a wood floor

Wood floor repairs makes it possible to restore damaged floors

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Before any wood floor repairs, we carefully examine the specific needs of your type of floor taking into consideration whether it is engineered wood floor, solid wood floor or parquet floor and also taking into account the way it has been installed before we can define the best course of action that will ensure the best and long lasting results. 

This is the very first and one of the most important steps in the process of floor restoration, that ensures stability and solidness to allow for further restoration works to take place. There are various wood floor repair techniques which are applicable to the different types of floors and it is extremely important that an appropriate approach is taken by a professional floor repair company like ours in order to achieve the ultimate stability. 

Wood floor repair may involve a wide variety of activities, from replacing a wood block and gap filling, to staining, sanding or refinishing, also using professionally developed materials unavailable over the counter in high street shops and machinery that is on the cutting edge of technology. We can fix any type of floor, be it residential or commercial, softwood, hardwood, natural, engineered or laminated.

We have the expertise to undertake wood floor sanding, making the beauty of wood visible and tangible in a very special way. To revise your preconceptions; to renew appeal and revitalise your vision.

By exploiting variation in the properties of the original wood to the greatest degree through the use of natural pigments and durable finishes, the beautiful, detailed patina and wood grain are expressed and articulated

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We take our title of ‘wood floor repair professionals’ very seriously

It is possibly and likely that during the process of restoring your wood floors that problem areas will be identified. These may require wood repairs in order to ensure the success of the project. We offer a wood repair service that can range from the smallest of jobs right through to full resand. Time taken into sorting these issues prior the sanding process will inevitably ensure the overall success of the job. The range of wood repairs that we carry out are vast and our experience in the trade has allowed us confidence in dealing with such issues.

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Over the years we’ve developed a number of techniques to repair wood floors. 

Wood is a natural product and requires the utmost care and attention to repair damage, whatever the problem, we’ll give you an honest view of the repair work we can do, or wood repair specialists have years of experience repairing and restoring wood. If it’s chipped, gouged, scratched or broken we can make you proud of your floor again.


Our wood restoration specialists are skilled French polishers able to undertake repairs on all sorts of different wood surfaces, we are also skilled in cosmetic repair on wood, concealing damage like scratches and dents to the surface of most polished surfaces, we use professional products that aren’t available in the shops to match the grain and allow cosmetic repairs to be effectively camouflaged, we also know a thing or two when it comes to removing stains like water rings, heat marks and ground in dirt.


Time taken into sorting these issues prior the sanding process will inevitably ensure the overall success of the job. The range of wood repairs that we carry out are vast and our experience in the trade has allowed us confidence in dealing with such issues. With a sympathetic and expert approach, almost all wood floors can be repaired.

Get help from the experts

We specialise in all types of wood floor repair.

We have vast experience and specialised knowledge repairing a diverse array of wood floor types and styles, skilled wood floor repair that works towards eliminating all damage and imperfections from your floors. When repairing wood floors, the aim is to achieve a repair that restores not only the appearance but also the original functionality. Time taken into sorting these issues prior the sanding process will inevitably ensure the overall success of the job. The range of wood repairs that we carry out are vast and our experience in the trade has allowed us confidence in dealing with these types of wood floor repairs.

Specialised in house skills

We have specialist in-house skills and facilities to carry out traditional wood repairs – from the simplest scratch and dent removal, removing watermarks (white cup rings). If the floor has a dent to deep to sand, we are able to fill using appropriate wood filler and colour the filler to match the existing grain pattern.

Existing items can be repaired with missing sections replicated exactly as they were originally made, reinstated and refinished. 

All new surfaces are skilfully toned to blend with the original finishes elsewhere on the piece. Sections damaged beyond repair can be replaced with reclaimed wood and toned to replicate the original piece.


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A never-ending search for wood restoration that reaches beyond the mundane

Wood floor restoration has so many facets that there is always something new to discover! Wood floors offer fascinating possibilities, if you envisage an unheard colour or stain, we can probably turn it into reality. 

And if your ideas are a little vague, we can probably help to define them. ​


Bring your original wood floor to life and create real talking points in your property, reawaken your delight in wood floors. ​And this is just the start: think outside the box.

We have detailed experience with intricate wood floor sanding and restoration projects, we want to help you understand who we are, and what we can do for you. 

Wood floor renovation is defined as the act or process necessary to sustain the existing form, integrity, and materials of the original wood floor.
Whenever there were any difficulties, we overcome the problem ourselves, and we would not let ourselves rest until we find the solution, this serious working attitude provides a solid foundation and helped us to better understand the wood restoration processes and put theory straight to practice.
To revise your preconceptions; to renew appeal and revitalise your vision, we do not settle for good but strive for excellence. This approach to wood floor sanding often put us more than one-step ahead of the competition.



 We would like you to understand that sanding is not only about sanding a floor with a floor-sanding machine. ​We do not only concentrate on wood floor sanding and restoration. 


We are continually researching new ideas, seeking out new trends, and introducing new products and techniques. ​Distressing, brushing and patinating techniques add character and visual interest to a wood floor, these processes add to the durability of a wood floor. 

Acorn Floor Sanding are specialists in the renovation of wood floors. Doing this day in day out we learn all there is to know about floor restoration doing it the right way, not the wrong way! This has allowed us to develop our skills and learn about the mechanics that are involved in wood floor sanding. 

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Floor sanding is part of the overall wood floor restoration process It should be completed to the highest standards. 

We provide traditional and time honoured floor sanding and finishing techniques, developed over years through attention to detail and knowledge of tradition. With detailed experience undertaking intricate wood floor sanding and restoration projects.

Acknowledged as the local authority on wood floor sanding & restoration, we are frequently contacted for advice on choice and suitability of different wood floor restoration options and advice on maintenance, a helpline for wood floors if you like and that expertise and professionalism is also always available to you too

Seek out the expertise of a true restoration sanding and refinishing expert, a less experienced person and usually cheaper, would have a tendency to sand too much off the floor, decreasing the overall life and leaving little or no wood for the next sanding.


So why if you want your wood floor sanded would you consider a painting & decorating company or general builder. Taken from that perspective, companies sanding a wood floor have a huge responsibility to protect their customer's investment and make that floor last as long as possible.

After 40 years of wood restoration and french polishing, learning and improving we have the accumulated knowledge, experience and competence to guarantee the correct wood floor restoration service. 


Every wood floor, no matter the age, the degree of damage, the condition, has the potential to look amazing 

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