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Wood floor staining

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The term Wood Stain is used to describe literally hundreds of various formulations intended to alter the natural appearance of wood. A wood stain is actually a pigment suspended in a liquid used to colour your wood floor to a tone other than its natural colour or tone. Adding stain to sanded wood floor can both change the colour and highlight the grain pattern of any wood floor. 

Everything you need to know about the application of a wood stain and its effects

 The staining of a wood floor is probably the most difficult aspect of any wood floor restoration project. This is the part of our work that normally most impresses our customers. It is also the part of the job that we find most satisfying being both creative and pleasingly challenging. This also means we can colour match wood floors, because that’s a large part of what french polishers do, we often use traditional French polishing techniques applying finishes that can be tweaked with subtle tints to get the precise, even and natural looking colour. We can also colour match to the wood using traditional colour pigments.

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The process of staining a floor is not as simple as rolling a coat of paint on the walls

To achieve an individual colour for your wood floor. Various attractive colour tones perfect the individualisation of your wood floor: the colour spectrum stretches from classic wood tones to trendy greys and white wash stains. Even intensive pastel colours wood stains are possible; pastel wood stains that complement the other elements in hour home with these great coloured accents can be set. Luckily i have studied and worked as a professional French polisher in the wood finishing industry for over 40 years and can mix pretty much any colour you want. The right wood floor colour can enhance a home’s character and allow you to express your sense of style!  Our floor experts are ready to offer you a wide range of stain choices for your wood floor.


This is one skill that cannot be learnt by everyone it takes years of experience and a deep understanding of the french polishing trade, which is why most floor sanding companies buy stains off the shelf and offer a limited range of colours. Virtually the only people left in the floor sanding industry who have decent colouring skills are former French polishers. Not only are many years of experience required to mix stains the technical knowledge required to know which stains are compatible with what finish is quite considerable and takes many years to perfect these skills.

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Wood floor staining gives you the opportunity to completely change the colour of your wood floors. 

Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors for over 35 years

Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service

Unique expertise in wood floor staining

Ninety nine percent of companies that offers wood floor staining service, will buy them ready mixed and offer a limited palette of stains. Virtually the only people left in the floor sanding industry who have decent colouring skills are French polishers.

Changing the colour of wood floors

Restoring the unique radiance of a wood floor

Staining a wood floor is a true art form just like French Polishers use a mixture of wood stains, oils, waxes and shellac to produce truly stunning furniture.  Acorn Floor Sanding wood floor staining craftsmen follow a similar process but on a larger scale.

Acorn Floor Sanding over the decades have mastered the art of wood floor Staining which can completely transform the dullest of wood floors into a true work of art. Every wood floor has its own patina and every floor we stain will be individual in its own right, it cannot be copied.

The process of staining a floor is not as simple as rolling a coat of paint on the walls, the sanding preparation, machinery used and the skill involved not to leave any evidence that a machine has passed over a floor prior to staining is again a skill in itself, a skill that takes many years to master.

At Acorn Floor Sanding we take the traditional approach; all of our floors are stained by hand and the wood floor stains are applied with a traditional wood floor rag produced from the finest woven cotton.

We are proud of our achievements and delighted to have been commissioned to restore and stain wood floors in amazing properties dating back to the 16th century, our stained wood floors have been walked upon and admired.

There are many different types of Wood Floor Stains on the market, Acorn Floor Sanding have sampled and trialled many brands, we do not use off the shelf consumer wood floor stains as they produce unsatisfactory results, disappointingly floor stains available off the shelf on the high street seem to obliterate the grain of the wood.


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Over the decades we have mastered the art of wood floor Staining 

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Wood stains we explain the differences

Staining wood is not to be confused with the clear coats of finish that are applied to a floor to preserve it. A stain is actually the colouring of your wood floor to a tone other than its natural colour or tone.


Every colour elicits a feeling, memories and perception all play into how colour affects us and finding the best hues for wood can be half the battle.


With some of the most popular stain colours, that we can apply at your wood floors. Acorn Floor Sanding offers a wide range of products. Whether you want to create transparent or intensive. colour accents – Acorn has the right product for all needs. Plus, coloured oils and lacquers to protect and colour wood at the same time. 

Gone are the days of red mahogany and dark or medium oak woods.

Instead, drama at opposite ends of the colour spectrum are the common choice of colours we’re seeing. And we’re also seeing our customers become braver as they use bolder and brighter colours. Wood with a unique colour stain is the perfect solution to the creation of statement. Aesthetics are important, and everyone has their own unique tastes. Some people love bold colours that pop, others prefer soothing neutrals. Some people prefer traditional tones, others prefer more contemporary and modern design.


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 Unlike most wood floor sanding companies that offer a limited selection of off the shelf colours 


 At Acorn we provide a wide variety of interior wood floor stains and colour tints, it is possible using these products for us to create an almost infinite variation of naturally occurring shades or bright, vivid colours. If you want to enhance the grain showing a gorgeous, natural colour tone or whether you prefer to keep the natural, raw appearance of the wood – or just looking for a comfortable, durable surface that adapts to the demands of life, Acorn Floor Sanding can produce the colour just for you!


A stained floor properly done is not only rich but also beautiful. Staining a floor is an alternative worth considering, and can be especially 

interesting if you are looking to enhance the grain of your wood floor. Would you like a colour tone that cannot be found in an off the shelf product range? We can match almost any colour achievable for wood floors and walls. You can select colours from Dulux, Crown colour charts from the RAL and NCS colour spectrums etc.


Staining can completely change the look of a floor and bring an exciting new look and style to your home. The systems we use have unlimited stain products and pigments to tone the colour of a wood floor. As well as stain we can also provide whitewash and colour wash – paints that are modified to act like wood stains, these colours are absorbed into the wood like stain, rather than floor paint which will simply cover the wood and will not necessarily allow you to admire the grain.

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Why are all stains brown (and boring)?

There maybe 15 shades of brown. Maybe some grey. But seriously, why aren’t there more colour choices for staining wood? Staining a floor is an alternative worth considering

We take the traditional approach.

As a wood restoration specialist, we take a different approach to staining a wood floor because we are excited by innovation and constantly look to combine modern technology with traditional wood staining skills for the best possible results. We take the traditional approach to staining wood, based on our French polishing skills all the stains we use we create using traditional methods and our own pigments. When it comes to stain, you can rely on our expertise and experience to guide you through the options and post stain care to ensure your floor remains beautiful for years to come. Our colour options are truly second to none; we believe that you would be hard pressed to find another wood floor sanding company that can beat our variety while also maintaining the top shelf standards that we are known for. 

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We can help create a unique floor that can be distinctly rustic, historically elegant or modern and minimalist. Your floors can be enhanced using a spectrum of shades and colours that are robust enough to withstand the wear of everyday life. By utilising a direct stain technique, we can transform a wood floor into a completely new style of colour before we apply the topcoats. We are excited by innovation and constantly look to combine modern technology with traditional skills and values for the best possible results. Wood floor colours that reflects your style and mood – from the palest white and whisper greys to shades of rich mocha

We can meet your staining requirements by providing you with infinite colour options 

We can meet your staining requirements by providing you with infinite colour options If you envisage an unheard of colour or stain, we can probably turn it into reality. No matter what the area of your floor, there is only one way to achieve the best possible finish, to apply the stain by hand. At Acorn Floor Sanding we have mastered the art of floor staining. Using our French polishing skills we can help you match stain colours to an existing wood colour or to advice you in picking up the right wood stain colour. Floor staining is becoming increasingly popular, if you have existing pine floorboards for example, when sanded and sealed, they usually appear light in colour. If you are not a fan of the stripped pine look, a stained floor is the way forward. We can help create a unique floor that can be distinctly rustic, historically elegant or modern and minimalist. Applying stain to a floor can enhance the appearance of any wood floor.

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