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Starting small, our aim was to be the stand-out floor sanding & restoration company by helping customers restore their wood floors. Today, we are the areas authority for wood floor repair, restoration and finishing techniques. From repairing or replacing damaged wood floors using specialist pigmented wood stains, to refinishing wood floors with durable finishes; only industry-leading finishes are used to finish the wood floors we sand and restore.

We believe that an original wood floor should reflect its origins of time and variation.

We have traditional expertise to preserve the layers of patination, working out where to preserve, where to enhance and how to bring a wood floor into the present without losing its past. One thing we never forget is that the purpose of all of our efforts is to restore floors that work for you.

Back in the day, when craftsmen meticulously fashioned the wood floor in your home, they did so with a profound passion and care often forgotten in today’s world. They gave us beautiful wood floors that are still used to this day. But time wears all, and it’s up to us to preserve the stories of heritage they’ve given us. This translates into incomparable levels of quality which is evident upon seeing and touching an Acorn restored wood floor.

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Unlocking the opportunities to restore a wood floor.

 We continue to meet the changing needs of our customers with our quality and reliable floor sanding and restoration services. Critical thinking is at the forefront of our wood floor restoration process, allowing individual elements of the the wood patina to integrate with our traditional yet sophisticated French polishing skills. Known for our traditional wood restoration skills and attention to detail, the result being a fully restored wood floor, that is both functional and luxurious.

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Restoration, Preservation and Renovation of wood floors is Acorn Floor Sanding specialty. 

Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors for over 35 years

Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service


Like craft masters, we provide the wood floors we restore with features of true works of art. 

Being able to apply our French polishing background makes a real difference to the work we produce

Layer by layer, we sand and restore wood floors that reflect and enhance the essence of natural wood, our innovative approach to wood floor restoration is unique to Acorn Floor Sanding.

We create innovative wood floor restoration solutions and we orchestrate a seamless integration of wood restoration and wood finishing. Guided by the floors condition and traditional skills, we restore the natural elements of wood with durable modern finishes, restoring wood floors that are functional and practical.

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Since Acorn Floor Sanding was established, our presence on the market has been steadily increasing from year to year. Our success is based on hard work, total commitment to our customers as well as introducing innovative ideas and new materials. Every floor is different and so are every one’s needs, that is why we have adopted a personalised approach with every customer

Acorn has a reverence for the inherent beauty of wood and thoughtfully restores and preserves these elements of every restored wood floor. While many admire the beauty of a wood floor, very few understand and appreciate the unique qualities and the extent of their innate beauty.

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Your local wood floor sanding and refinishing company

We are a South Wales based wood floor sanding and restoration company; we pride ourselves in providing the highest professional standards. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction being primary objectives. Acorn Floor Sanding has since its inception continued to build a healthy reputation with a growing portfolio of customers. The Company's operations now extend from South Wales along the M4 corridor, work undertaken is generally carried out in South Wales and the South West and occasionally along the South Coast.


Our mission & values

Our company mission statement sums up who we are and why we are here: Innovative wood finishers. Inspiring renovators. Skilled and passionate tradesmen. A company with one objective: to restore and finish beautifully detailed wood floors. We restore wood floors to capture the natural, patina, lift the spirit and create wood floors of lasting beauty and functionality, our role is to repair, restore and refinish a wood floor in ways that are interesting, fresh and functional, our approach to wood restoration is a commitment to a deliberate evolution. We love to mix these core restoration principles with unexpected, sometimes whimsical, elements, thanks to this special perspective, the wood floors we restore are viewed as entirely custom and unique, restoration based on the floors condition and potential.

Old fashioned craftsmen - With years of first hand experience

For us, a wood floor is not only about the aesthetic it offers but also the journey it has taken. The wood patina textures and colours are created through the passage of time and connected through the creative spirit of the owners both past and present. Through our specialist restoration techniques, we can not only restore these characteristics but also enhance them, sanded and restored original wood floors as they should be. 

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What sets us apart as wood floor restorers is our hands-on approach to wood renovation with a background and formal training in French polishing, along with nearly four decades of technical experience and practical application in the field of wood restoration.

We provide our customers with access to some of the most authentic and traditional wood renovation skills, past down to us . This has allowed us to sand and restore wood floors with thoughtful ingenuity that embodies a skill set that belongs to only a small group of wood floor sanding companies.

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We undertake repairs and restoration of wood floors in a manner that virtually no other company in the UK does because of the level of effort, expertise and french polishing knowledge required. We create innovative wood floor restoration solutions and we orchestrate a seamless integration of wood restoration and wood finishing. Guided by the floors condition and traditional skills, we restore the natural elements of wood with durable modern finishes, restoring wood floors that are functional and practical. 

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We achieve this with


Shop around and you’ll find there are lots of options for wood floor restoration. But look closer, and you’ll start to find what sets high-quality wood floor sanding apart.

Our high level of craftsmanship and experience allows us to provide our clients with bespoke finishes & products, which sets us apart from the competition.


We provide colour matching service as well as virtually unlimited options in terms of finishes, colours, ageing and distressing of the wood.


We supply only the highest quality wood flooring materials and products most of them directly from well-established manufacturers.


Restoring wood since 1980, Acorn Floor Sanding aim to deliver to our customers only the highest quality wood floor renovation, experiences craftsman, as well as ultimate customer care.
Most of our business is gained through recommendations and referrals from previous clients and contacts. Delivering reliability and quality of workmanship to our residential and commercial clients, has seen a sustainable growth of our business in recent years.
This is due to the commitment of our whole team and the excellent working relationships we’ve built up with our valued customers. Our strength is the ability to be flexible and react swiftly to the individual requirements of our clients. 

Known for our pioneering approach to floor sanding and restoration, this something you can rely on to inspire you with new ideas and to help them push the boundaries.


Our experience and understanding of wood floor renovation has been perfected over the past 30 years we have been restoring and finishing wood, so you can have peace of mind that all of your questions will be answered, from sanding through to the final finishing stage. 

We have long been recognised as an innovative company, acknowledged to be one of the leaders in our field both technically and aesthetically. 

Wood floor restoration is at the heart of what we do; its where we started

Our extensive knowledge of wood restoration, touch up and repairs sets Acorn apart from the rest.

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At Acorn we appreciate that being provocateurs and challenging assumptions is what catalyses new ways of thinking, and new ways of thinking are what lead to the freeform experimentation and fresh perspectives that result in wood restoration and wood finishing innovation, it doesn’t mean we reject all traditional forms and concepts. We simply attempt to reimagine them in a more relevant context. It is within this tension between traditional value and modern invention that Acorn Floor Sanding operates. Acorn Floor Sanding builds on the aesthetics of simplicity, integrity and practicality when approaching a wood floor sanding and restoration project. 

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wood floor sanding cardiff

You use the right wood floor sanding company first time round. To meet your needs, our standard are constantly being enforced by the ethics of traditional craftsmanship and the quality of modern equipment and products. We use dustless sanding equipment and the highest quality finishes to allow us to sand, refinish or repair a wood floor with the upmost regard for long lasting quality. Our reputation is based on service and quality, regardless of how large or small the job.

When it comes to sanding and restoring your wood floor's it is very important that

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