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Unlocking the opportunities to restore a wood floor.

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Right from the start, we wanted to provide a service that was affordable yet exceptional, and one that truly reflected the passion we have for wood floors. With a rich history with wood restoration that began in the 1980’s, Acorn Floor Sanding has become renowned for their experience and knowledge in the world of wood floor restoration 


About Us

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Starting small, our aim was to be the stand out wood floor sanding  company. Today, we are the areas authority for wood floor repair, restoration and finishing techniques. 

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Your local wood floor sanding and refinishing company

We are a South Wales based wood floor sanding and restoration company; we pride ourselves in providing the highest professional standards.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction being primary objectives. Acorn Floor Sanding has since its inception continued to build a healthy reputation with a growing portfolio of customers.

The Company's operations now extend from South Wales along the M4 corridor, work undertaken is generally carried out in South Wales and the South West and occasionally along the South Coast.

Over the years, we have cemented our position as the best wood floor experts.

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Acorn Floor Sanding has a wealth of accumulated knowledge, about how best to restore wood floors involving, like most trades, decades of trial and error, helped by a good grounding in professional French polishing and commercial wood finishing. 

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We love to mix these core restoration principles with unexpected, sometimes whimsical, elements, thanks to this special perspective, the wood floors we restore are viewed as entirely custom and unique, restoration based on the floors condition and potential.

Acorn Floor Sanding Has a Wealth of Accumulated knowledge

So don’t give up on those neglected relics from your past. In the wood floor sanding world, older is almost always better, and just because it looks like beyond repair – doesn’t mean it is. We build on the aesthetics of simplicity, integrity and practicality when approaching a wood floor sanding and restoration project. So, whatever the floor, whatever the condition.

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I found Acorn’s details online, it was an impulse decision to get my floors done and I'm so glad I went with Acorn Floor Sanding. They were amazing at thier job, I had a brilliant experience with this company. Really surprised with the work, I walked in and it looked like a brand new floor. Acorn did a brilliant job and did it in a much smaller time frame than I expected. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend them, in fact, I already have!

Customer Comments

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