Often customers come to us convinced that their floors are 

Completely beyond repair and we stand by our claim that with the right treatment, even the oldest, shabbiest wood floors can look fabulous. 

Even if they require extensive work done, we find that never is it not worth spending time on them. 

This is why our professional floor refinishing services are so popular with our customers. 

This doesn’t just go for homeowners as the same potential is there for those who own commercial premises. 

Why would you cover up your solid wood floors with carpet when given the professional treatment, it could create the perfect business atmosphere for potential clients. 

We’ve all seen them. 

Those dejected wood floors that were once the unfortunate target of someone’s weekend project: with some dreadful colours and a lot of hire sander machine marks. 

There exists a strange psychological trigger that moves someone to think they can sand and restore a wood floor worth in excess of £100 per sqm, with a very basic hire sander and a YouTube video


It will be worth it

Wood floor restoration focuses on the original ideal of the woood floor and strives to meet that aesthetic.

We use many traditional methods and techniques whilst utilising modern durable wood finishes 

Or maybe you are looking for a more customised approach to restoration where you want to tweak and change the original design, may be to change the colour or even the texture of the floor 

Wooden flooring is the best thing that you can have under foot. 

Wood is warm, easy to clean and durable, it encourages a healthy atmosphere and is enduringly, incomparably beautiful.

Bringing your wood floors back to life

Time can take its toll on the wood, detracting from its beauty.

We can help you recapture the look and feel that contributes so much to the charm and character of your home.

We provide a full repair and restoration service for all types of wood floors. With meticulous attention to detail, we can completely transform the appearance of the wood.

Using stains and pigments, we can darken the colour and highlight the grain.

Or we can bleach the wood to lighten the tone, avoiding heavy sanding and retaining the natural patina that has developed over many years.

Repairing and restoring wood.

Careful restoration and delicate sanding to achieve a stunning finish, retaining the natural patina of the wood.

Precision sanding for fast, efficient resurfacing of small domestic or large commercial floor areas.

Using time-honoured techniques, inventive new skills and high-quality products, we can give your wood floor a new lease of life, restoring its inherent beauty. 

We have years of experience working with all kinds of wood flooring. 

We provide a wide range of wood floor restoration services.

Creating an attractive, practical finish

The finish on your floor can make all the difference. It's not just about creating the right look and feel. It's also about choosing a practical solution for easy maintenance.

We use a carefully chosen range of high-quality finishing products and can offer expert advice on suitability. 

Using traditional re-finishing methods, which revive and enhance the patina without losing the antique character of the boards.

We can also create unique special effect finishes, including personalised colour stains and grain treatments. 

A story where every wooden floor is original, to enrich your environment and tell a unique and unrepeatable history of the wood


Wood awakens our senses, smell, touch, see, feel… 

No matter what you do with such a wonderful natural product, the aim must always be to do justice to its “natural” quality.

That demands a lot of experience, manual work and good judgement – but it’s worth it in the end. 

Wood means everything to us, in every aspect of the word 

We stand in awe before its remarkable ability to be transformed, revealing its creativity in a thousand and one ways.

That creative drive moves us to outdo ourselves and raise the bar so that the splendours and benefits of wood can offer a timeless legacy. 

We bring all our knowledge to each restoration project so that your restored wood floor reflects a perfect symmetry of nature.


Indulge in a world of wood, sumptuous tones and a elegant feel. 

Delve into the possibilities and restore your wood floor enhance the texture, tone or colour. 

Create a wood floor that can complete your design vision and amplifies the experience of your living space. 

Wood floors are bound to make you feel great.

The warm hues and detailed grain will add to any room. 

Quite simply,

Wood is: natural, alive and timelessly beautiful.

In nature, regeneration is a matter of course.

Yet wooden floors are too often undervalued: damaged, neglected or covered in carpets.


Our services range from

Restoration and re-finishing to repairing damaged worn out floors and restoring them to their former glory. 

We operate domestic and commercial contracts and our projects have ranged in scale from a bedroom in a private house to a large school sports hall.

We bring the highest level of professionalism, knowledge, and skill to ensure that our customers are delivered the service they deserve and the quality that will last the lifetime of their home.

We offer the finest craftsmanship, using the very latest dustless sanding machines and only the very best top branded floor finishes such as, Granwax Junckers, and Bona. 

We provide an environmentally friendly and healthy living wood floor sanding service with the very minimum of dust using our fully vacuumed sanding equipment. 


At every step of the restoration process we understand the level of attention required for every wood floor we sand and restore.

Wood floor restoration is defined by the process

innovative, creative, and flexible.

Wood floors that are truly captivating

You create the floor – the floor creates the room.


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As a natural material, wood is extremely versatile and varied with a myriad of beautiful finishes and textures. 

Sometimes the grain is narrower, other times wider; sometimes it winds elegantly around a knot, sometimes there are none. 

And depending on how the light is shining, its surface radiates with different shades of colour. 

No other flooring material has the same level of vitality and genuineness as wood, even when it comes from the same tree. 

That’s what makes wood so unique, so warm and beautiful – and makes every natural wood floor unique with its own particular story and individual character.


Our purpose is to create timeless, sustainable and beautiful wood floors that are aspirational. 

To achieve this we must remain agile and retain the ability to adapt to change whilst maintaining a rigour that keeps wood floor renovation as our essence.

Our committed approach to high quality wood floor restoration, delivered with integrity and pragmatism to exceed clients’ expectations, is backed up with key areas of expertise and an experience. 

Through this we can demonstrate a passion and commitment to our clients,

We have a desire to be considered to be one of the best, not necessarily the biggest, 

We want to win work on the strength and quality of our service, as well as the merit of our experience and knowledge.


Wood is a completely natural raw material as unique as the tree from which it comes.

When it comes to sanding & repairs we quite simply are the best choice, because if we offer anything less our name will suffer. 

We are French polishers and have dedicated years to master this traditional craft, our company has spent years combining the skills of a french polisher with the unique requirements of wood floor restoration, perfecting our wood floor sanding services 


We are specialist in the field and not "jack of all trades" with over 30 years of experience in the industry we have developed the skills and expert knowledge to give superior quality results every time. 


In a world in which fashions change fast,

We can sometimes feel a deep desire to go back to the simple and essential.

Looking back at our roots as humans, as well as history and our many forgotten crafts, with this trend we dig into the archives of mankind and place emphasis on the fact that new is not always better.


We increasingly long for a simpler and more primal way of life.

If we had to describe this trend with a few key words, we would focus on:

History, Nature, Back to basics, Authenticity, Less is more.

One of the materials that best reflect this trend would be wood.

Rebellion against the omnipresent technology of our time can be seen in this approach,

Where traditional craft techniques are paired with new design aesthetics.

A shift towards traditional products that are designed to be long lasting, enduring and sustainable can be observed.

It’s about consuming less, but in a more meaningful way.



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We have always stayed true to our ethos of authenticity and integrity. 

Our mission is still to do the best work of our lives for the world’s most beautiful, long lasting flooring material wood. 

We will continue to do our best.

That’s why we’re No1.

We exist to share our passion. 

From the beginning we have been associated with wood floor, wood floor sanders and restorers, who live and breathe for their craft. 

It is no surprise we continue to search out new and interesting products to bring innovative ideas to our wood floor restoration and maintenance system.

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