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Because of our humble beginnings working as french polishers, naturally we have become master finishers and creators of innovative bespoke wood floor sanding and finishing techniques. Many of the exclusive finishes we create cannot be purchased from any other wood floor sanding companies because they lack the knowledge and experience of traditional wood sanding.

Your go-to wood floor sanding company in Cardiff

As a wood floor sanding specialist, we take a different approach to wood floor sanding because we reject the sand and varnish culture of many of our competitors and take pride in restoring the beauty of a wood floor. Our wood floor sanding recommendations are tailored to each individual wood floor, we understand that no two floors are the same and each floor is unique with its own history.

It has taken years of practice and experimentation to master these wood finishing skills, where we have control over subtle colour variations. This natural passion for innovative, natural surface creation is the fundamental reason why we have become the first port of call for wood floor sanding and finishing. 

At Acorn Floor Sanding we realised an important truth

The only way to restore a wood floor, a floor that people would make a deep connection to, is to restore it using traditional methods. We understand that every wood floor has its own unique beauty. We also love to bring that out with our wood floor sanding skills. Therefore, it is important that you get the right advice  when planning to restore your wood floor. We believe every wood floor is unique and has to be approached in a different way, we try to understand the condition of the wood, we ask ourselves many questions, we draw a strategy, by thinking of all aspects from the start, you get the optimal solution based on the prerequisites that lie in the wood floors current condition.and we look for the right tools and the appropriate approach, and then we let things begin. 

Sanding and refinishing a very worn pine plank floor

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Restoring wood floors to their original, natural splendour is what we specialise in 

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Ever changing and ever evolving, we continue to innovate and seek the best solutions

We try to preserve all the elements 

This is the core idea of our wood floor sanding and renovation, balancing all the elements of good floor restoration are at the root of the essence of every wood floor we sand. Old and tired floors often hide spectacular beauty, for instance, floor sanding can be used to remove built-up grime and old layers of varnish that hide the colours or grain of your floor.  Wood floor sanding covers a whole range of different techniques. These techniques tackle a huge number of problems, from worn and uneven surfaces to loss of colour and pattern, and it is a pleasure to claim it back. Taking in every detail, finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, and ever evolving in our approach to wood floor sanding, it’s this ethos that sets us apart. This simplicity and consistency has moved Acorn into pole position in the ephemeral world of wood floor sanding.  

Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors for over 35 years

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Sanding and refinishing a neglected Maple thin plank floor

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And therefore should not be confused with just floor sanding and varnishing which is only a part of a wood floor restoration project. You may be looking to preserve or sympathetically enhance your existing wood floor or you maybe looking to have a full wood floor renovation, either way our experienced craftsmen will be there to advise and restore your wood floor. No matter what the condition of your floor, we have the experience and know how to transform your floors back to their original glory so they can be regarded as a main feature of your property. Whether a few boards or parquet blocks missing or black perimeters, left by the Victorian's when they used to paint the floor edges black and place rugs in the centre of floors, we will transform your floors. 

Wood floor restoration involves a lot more work than sanding a wood floor

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It is our job as wood floor restorers
to always be students of wood

Having gained a reputation for our unique vision and traditional approach to wood floor sanding, with our-encompassing understanding of wood restoration that elevates mere wood floor sanding into the realm of pure magic.

Acorn wood floor sanding is known for reflecting modernism, restraint, and a unique  sophistication within a natural organic palette.

We provide a comprehensive vision for the sanding of wood floors, combining traditional french polishing skills and an eye for seeing a wood floors potential.

As much as necessary, as little as possible

With a deep embedded background in specialist restoration and wood finishing techniques. These technique ensures that a sanded wood floor will exhibit a lustre that can only be achieved using tradition restoration skills.  Traditional restoration allows every wood floor to be unique.  Adhering to a principled approach to wood floor sanding and restoration, and a relentless attention to detail.  Acorn Floor Sanding has developed over the decades to offer the best solution regarding wood floor sanding and finishing. We have always stayed true to our ethos of authenticity, integrity and attitude, we have constantly evolved over the years, honing new techniques to master various specialist elements of wood floor sanding and finishing to improve, upgrade or restore wood floors, we are wood floor restorers, who live and breathe for their craft, it is no surprise we continue to search out new and interesting products to bring innovative ideas to our wood floor sanding. These are our base guidelines in order to deliver quality in our restoration work.

Restoring a dark stained pine plank floor

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Our history of sanding and restoring wood goes back over four decades, an invaluable period of learning and gaining experience about all kinds of wood floor sanding projects. As a result, we are able to expertly advise on the repair, restoration and refinishing of any type of wood floor. We have a broad level of experience and expertise in wood floor sanding, and have restored everything ranging from domestic floor boards to parquet floors to 16th century oak stairs. We have worked on projects for churches, village halls, sports halls, pubs and restaurants. Throughout the years, we have come across a multitude of project requirements, helping us build a wealth of knowledge and skill. Our aim is to offer a more hands on traditional approach to wood floor sanding, while combining innovative techniques with modern durable floor finishes.

Our experience

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Understanding a wood floors renovation potential is an essential part of our skill set, it is a pleasure for us to help our customers get the picture of what is a multidisciplinary practice and restoration process by mixing parameters, such as techniques, tools and materials, bringing together the skills, talents and passion for eye-catching, innovative and functional wood restoration. 


The relentless pursuit of improved renovation and wood finishing options is what defines our service, we understand that in many instances, there is always more than one possible restoration option, we have taken a multi-disciplinary approach often integrating the modern with traditional to achieve the most desirable yet often, unconventional approach to wood floor restoration. 


Our tried and trusted methodology can be broken down into three stages

1. Preservation,

2. Stabilisation

3. Restoration. 

These stages rely on our experience and being dedicated not only to the materials and craftsmanship, but also, in continuing a tradition.

We repair any type of wood floor that has been damaged or has deteriorated due to neglect or wear and tear; any irreparable timber will otherwise be replaced using reclaimed boards matching your wood floor in both colour and age. We ensure your entire wood floor has been examined and professionally repaired.  

A typical wood floor restoration project could involve all of or part of the following: 

  • Removal of carpets or other floor covering.

  • Removal of hardboard under carpets. 

  • Identifying floorboards that require replacing.

  • Fixing down loose floorboards.

  • Up lifting of floorboards to gain access to sub-floor timber frame work for inspection 

  • Repair or replace wood Joists.

  • Re-construction of crumbled brick pillars that support timber joists.

  • Up lifting of wood floors as a whole and relaying to close gaps between floorboards.

  • Replacing or repairing floorboards butchered by plumbers and electricians who have no respect for original floorboards and are only interested in gaining access under floors to install pipes or electric cables. Specialist cutting tools are required to take up old boards without damaging them; electricians and plumbers don’t seem to want to invest in the necessary equipment.


Sanding and refinishing a Maple plank floor

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Wood floor restoration celebrates the aged beauty of natural wood.

Acorn’s innovative approach pushes the boundaries of wood floor restoration, focusing on unique and highly customised wood renovation, we have been involved in many different types of wood floor restoration projects both commercial and residential in properties, our restoration service includes the replacement of damaged floorboards and parquet wood blocks, where possible we source reclaimed boards or blocks to match the existing colour of the originals. Our expertise in wood floor sanding and restoration of all types of wood floors, integrates harmoniously with the natural beauty of wood. To begin with, we assess the current condition and health of your wood floors. We can talk you through every aspect of the restoration of your wood floors, whether we are just there for a site visit and quotation or to we are beginning to sand and restore your floor. 

sanding a wood floor Cardiff
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 Specialised in House Skills

We have specialist in-house skills and facilities to carry out traditional wood repairs, from the simplest scratch and dent removal, removing watermarks (white cup rings). If the floor has a dent too deep to sand, we are able to fill using appropriate wood filler and colour the filler to match the existing grain pattern, floors can be repaired with missing sections replicated to match the original floor, skilfully toned to blend with the original finish on the floor.

When repairing wood floors, the aim is to achieve a repair that restores not only the appearance but also the original functionality, it is essential that a wood floor repair is carried out in the correct manner, with attention to the type of floor and the type of wood is paramount to ensure the repair is a success. Sections damaged beyond repair can be replaced with reclaimed wood 

What emerges is a restored and refinished wood floor that holds the history and evidence of its past use.

The success of this process depends on the company doing the sanding; their understanding and skill is the key.

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