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Wood floor sanding reveals and accentuates the hidden beauty lying within a wood floor, revealing the fullest natural beauty within.

Wood floor sanding requires observance of procedures and materials to be used in the restoration process, combining the use of traditional materials and craftsman skills that are an integral part of wood floor sanding and restoration. We have sanded and restored many types of wood floors and we found in every one of them a different story to tell, we have learned how to listen to them, we can “read” the grain pattern, touch and feel our way along every board, we trust our instincts, and restore a floor how the floor itself suggests. It’s a wood floor sanding skill passed down from the wood restorers who taught us, and perfected over 40 years of wood floor sanding.

Restoration with attention to the detail, using traditional repair and restoration techniques. Our attention to detail and eye for "back to original results", ensures a level of service that is unsurpassed, in a sense, wood floor sanders are mediators between the past and the present. If successful, wood floor sanding can reconnect the property to the beauty of the wood floors past. Acorn’s wood floor sanding can bring a wood floor back to the splendour of its original condition, preserving  patinas that the passage of time has naturally formed. 

Restoring anold pine plank floor covered in paint & plaster

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Wood floor restoration celebrates the aged beauty of natural wood.

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Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service

There are many other floor sanding companies, but none can offer the professional service and have the wood restoration knowledge accumulated by Acorn Floor Sanding over 40 years working in wood finishing industry.

We work with and restore wood 

We invite you to look closer and compare our expertise, you will appreciate the difference, you will not find many wood floor sanding companies able to provide this level of restoration knowledge and expertise, we have a long history of wood floor sanding that is born from the attention to detail with whichever sanded wood floor is restored to its original beauty. We are renowned for our expertise in delivering clients a uniquely adaptable range of wood floor sanding services. Acorn Floor Sanding takes a friendly and collaborative approach, resulting in inspirational wood floor sanding and a first class finished product.  Acorn has showcased and delivered the very best in service and quality to a long list of discerning clients since 1980. All services can be customised to suit your requirements

Sanding and refinishing a solid oak dining table

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We love being wood finishers.

There aren’t many of us left in this world of mass-produced, out-of-the-box sand and varnish solutions, and for that reason, we wear what we do for our customers like a badge of honour. Using french polishing skills that have taken years to hone, Over the years, we’ve developed our own way of doing things in order to enhance the wood restoration experience and most importantly, the finished product for our customers. There are no two projects that are exactly alike, which is why we’re committed to bringing the best combination of materials, processes and craftsmanship to every project we restore and refinish.

We provide a comprehensive range of wood floor sanding services 

That can be customised to suit your exact requirements and flexibility is at the core of our wood floor restoration. Traditional wood floor restoration that is characterised by the attractively prominent colour variation of a restored wood floor, with a wide range of finishing options available.



Our wood floor restoration services

Wood floor sanding

It’s amazing what difference can be made by sanding your wood floor. We can roll back the clock, achieving a finish which is as good as new. There are many common mis-conceptions about wood floor sanding, such as that it is noisy, dusty and also time consuming, our business model is built around making all restoration work quick and efficient, resulting in high standards of work.

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Wood floor repairs

We have an extensive wood finishing background, having trained at Maskreys specialist furniture, worked with one of the top shopfitting companies in the UK and contracted to Christie Tyler to develop a repair and refinishing process in their factory and we have also restored wood floors in the Hilton Hotel Cardiff and Dyffryn House restoration project and sanded hundreds of domestic wood floors across South Wales and the West of England.

Wood floor finishing

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By incorporating our unique french polishing expertise when restoring your wood floor, we aim to provide the most comprehensive experience from start to finish. Our bespoke services and products have set us apart from the standard, sand and varnish standard service available today. Specialised renovation skills and custom-made colours and finishes have helped create entirely new possibilities for wood floor restoration, establishing us as one of the leading innovators of wood floor restoration.

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Acorn Floor Sanding provides the complete wood floor restoration package– preparation, sanding,  finish & aftercare. professional wood floor sanding service in the hands of a single flooring contractor. This approach not only gives our customers the absolute piece of mind, but also guarantees the most cost effective price of the project overall.

Wood floor maintenance

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The traditional techniques we use and our passion for wood restoration and finishing that was handed down to us from the french polishers that taught us, have proved pivotal when restoring wood floors.


We retain a commitment to restoring indistinguishable floors, sanded and restored with distinctly timeless restoration techniques.


Acorn Floor Sanding craftsmen and innovators are inspired by nature to restore wood floors that are characterful, but also possesses a rigid sense of place and endurance.

We care about changing the way people treat the restoration of a wood floor. We approach the restoration of a wood floor the same as you would a piece of antique furniture to preserve, repair and enhance the original patina of the wood.

Restoring Wood Floors –
The Correct Way

Leading innovators of pioneering wood floor sanding and finishing

Acorn Floor Sanding was formed in order to provide a wood floor sanding service that was more than just sanding and varnishing a wood floor, we sand and restore beautiful wood floors, with care and a lot of hard work and skill, we were able to use our french polishing expertise to take wood floor sanding to another level, being able to use the same restoration techniques for wood floor sanding that we use when we restored antique furniture.

We are specialist in the field and not "jack of all trades" with over 40 years of experience in the industry we have developed the skills and expert knowledge to give superior quality results every time. We have spent years combining the skills of a french polisher with the unique requirements of wood floor sanding, perfecting our wood floor sanding services.
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Wood floor restoration celebrates the aged beauty of natural wood.

We stand in awe of wood and woods remarkable ability to be transformed, revealing its creativity in a thousand and one ways, that creative drive moves us to outdo ourselves and raise the bar so that the splendours and benefits of wood can offer a timeless legacy, so that a restored wood floor reflects a perfect symmetry of nature. Our wood floor sanding services speak for itself. Consistently the highest quality craftsmanship in our industry. Always preserving just, the right amount of character. Not the cheapest floor sanding you could buy... but, we believe there are many different measures of value in wood floor restoration services, and, that all the factors should be considered before sanding and restoring a wood floor.

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Pushing the boundaries of wood floor sanding

Boundaries simply do not exist, where time-honoured techniques are combined with modern technology to restore wood floors that add drama to any project. The big idea is simple: minimal intervention, when sanding a wood floor our objective is to remove as little of the wood as necessary, and to preserve as much of the floor’s original patina as possible, working the beautiful imperfections of an old wood floor into stunning restored wood floor, Acorn Floor Sanding excels in this area of wood floor sanding. This unique approach to wood floor sanding continues to be Acorns strongest asset.

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Sanding, repairing and restoring wood floors that are different is the norm. Traditional techniques, experimental creativity, with innovation driving the restoration of a truly one-off floor. We urge you to ask us any questions you might have regarding wood floor sanding - We're always happy to discuss our processes and what makes us and our floor sanding and restoration special.

We like to give our clients confidence in our company abilities and reliability

The dynamics of a wood floor fascinate us so we are unafraid to explore and embrace new ideas, wood is our passion; we are inspired by the colour and textures, learning the intricate nature of our trade, from preparation to the restoration and finishing. We are known for our pioneering approach to wood floor sanding and restoration, this something you can rely on to inspire you with new ideas and to help to push the boundaries?


We have long been recognised as an innovative company, acknowledged to be one of the leaders in the field of wood floor sanding both technically and aesthetically.

Our approach to any project is to provide a unique wood floor sanding concept, the materials used, respect for those materials, knowledge, ability and a strong work ethic. We provide genuine craftsman and traditional french polishing skills to embody all of the  elements of a wood floor sanding and restoration.
Because of our traditional beginnings, french polishing working only with high-end Scandinavian furniture; naturally we have become master finishers and creators of innovative bespoke wood floor sanding solutions, many of the exclusive finishes we create cannot be purchased from any other wood floor sanding company because they lack the knowledge and french polishing experience.

At Acorn Floor Sanding, we are purveyors of traditional wood floor sandingWe work with all types of wood floors from period pine floor boards to engineered oak planks and parquet. Wood floor sanding is still an art form, and our stock in trade is wood floor sanding, wood means everything to us, in every aspect of the word and we think that is why we like working with wood so much. It has taken decades of practice and experimentation to replicate and have control over subtle colour variations. This natural passion for innovative, wood floor sanding and finishing is the fundamental reason why we have become the first port of call for floor sanding and restoration.

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