Wood floor restoration celebrates the aged beauty of natural wood.

Wood floors in the hands of trusted experts

We are often asked if there is anything we wouldn’t tackle and the simple answer is “no, there isn’t”.  There is nothing that can’t be conserved, restored or replaced using a combination of modern machines and traditional restoration methods.

Flexibility is at the core of our renovation philosophy and we are renowned for our expertise in delivering clients a uniquely adaptable range of wood floor restoration services. Acorn Floor Sanding takes a friendly and collaborative approach, resulting in inspirational wood floors and a first class finished product.

We provide a comprehensive range of wood floor restoration services that can be customised to suit your exact requirements. Traditional wood floor restoration that is characterised by the attractively prominent colour variation of a restored wood floor, with a wide range of finishing options available. 

Acorn has showcased and delivered the very best in service and quality to a long list of discerning clients since 1980. All services can be customised to suit your requirements

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Our aim is to share our passion and the knowledge that we gained restoring wood floors for over 35 years

Innovative solutions and technical excellence form the basis of our wood floor restoration service


At Acorn Floor Sanding, our stock in trade is wood floor restoration. 

We love being wood finishers.

There aren’t many of us left in this world of mass-produced, out-of-the-box sand and varnish solutions, and for that reason, we wear what we do for our customers like a badge of honour. Using french polishing skills that have taken years to hone, Over the years, we’ve developed our own way of doing things in order to enhance the wood restoration experience and most importantly, the finished product for our customers. There are no two projects that are exactly alike, which is why we’re committed to bringing the best combination of materials, processes and craftsmanship to every project we restore and refinish.

We invite you to look closer and compare our expertise, you will appreciate the difference, you will not find many floor sanding companies able to provide this level of restoration knowledge and expertise, we have a long history of wood floor restoration that is born from the attention to detail with which each wood floor is restored to its original beauty. 

There are many other floor sanding companies, but none can offer the professional service and have the wood restoration knowledge accumulated by Acorn Floor Sanding over 40 years working in wood finishing industry.

Leading Innovators of Pioneering Wood Floor Restoration and Finishing

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Acorn Floor Sanding provides the complete wood floor restoration package– preparation, sanding,  finish & aftercare. professional wood floor sanding service in the hands of a single flooring contractor. This approach not only gives our customers the absolute piece of mind, but also guarantees the most cost effective price of the project overall.

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It’s amazing what difference can be made by sanding your wood floor. We can roll back the clock, achieving a finish which is as good as new. There are many common mis-conceptions about wood floor sanding, such as that it is noisy, dusty and also time consuming, our business model is built around making all restoration work quick and efficient, resulting in high standards of work.

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We have an extensive wood finishing background, having trained at Maskreys specialist furniture, worked with one of the top shopfitting companies in the UK and contracted to Christie Tyler to develop a repair and refinishing process in their factory and we have also restored wood floors in the Hilton Hotel Cardiff and Dyffryn House restoration project and sanded hundreds of domestic wood floors across South Wales and the West of England.

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By incorporating our unique french polishing expertise when restoring your wood floor, we aim to provide the most comprehensive experience from start to finish. Our bespoke services and products have set us apart from the standard, sand and varnish standard service available today. Specialised renovation skills and custom-made colours and finishes have helped create entirely new possibilities for wood floor restoration, establishing us as one of the leading innovators of wood floor restoration.

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Restoring Wood Floors – The Correct Way

The traditional techniques we use and our passion for wood restoration and finishing that was handed down to us from the french polishers that taught us, have proved pivotal when restoring wood floors.


We retain a commitment to restoring indistinguishable floors, sanded and restored with distinctly timeless restoration techniques.


Acorn Floor Sanding craftsmen and innovators are inspired by nature to restore wood floors that are characterful, but also possesses a rigid sense of place and endurance.

We care about changing the way people treat the restoration of a wood floor. We approach the restoration of a wood floor the same as you would a piece of antique furniture to preserve, repair and enhance the original patina of the wood.

The true meaning of craftsmanship encompasses

The materials used, respect for those materials, knowledge, ability and, a strong work ethic. At Acorn Floor Sanding, we are purveyors of traditional wood floor restoration. 

It is still an art form, we think that is why we like working with our hands so much, because we are artistic kind of people. And restored wood floors can be beautiful. 

Acorn Floor Sanding was formed in order to provide a wood floor restoration service that was more than just sanding and varnishing a wood floor, we sand and restore beautiful floors, with care and a lot of hard work and skill, we were able to use our french polishing expertise to take wood floor restoration to another level, being able to use the same restoration techniques on wood floors that we use when we restored antique furniture.

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The 3 "E’s"

Our sanding & restoration services can transform existing wood into something fresh and exciting to give your wood floor the upgrade it deserves.

  • Genuine specialists in all aspects of wood restoration.

  • Close attention to detail on all aspects of wood finishing.

  • Proven success record with all types of wood floor renovation.

  • A range of traditional and modern floor finishes.

  • 40 years working in the wood restoration industry.

  • French polishers knowledge and expertise

  • Using the best sanding equipment and supplies

  • Dust less sanding

  • Guarantee of quality workmanship

  • Excellent customer service

And don’t forget at Acorn Floor Sanding we have the 3"E’s"

The 3"E’s" are Equipment, Expertise, and Enthusiasm.

You may well have the Enthusiasm, but do you have the, Expertise and Equipment?

A Few More Reasons To Choose Acorn Floor Sanding 

Professional finishing

The wood floor finish (varnish) effectively emphasise the visual impact of a wood floor with stylistic confidence for a natural experience, enhancing the wood’s natural beauty, colour, figure patterns, grain, and depth. 

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With an extensive portfolio

We continually to develop new and improved restoration techniques and we continually break free from the chains of convention  within the


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40 Years of experience 

Every wood floor is meticulously repaired and restored by craftsmen who genuinely care about every individual wood floor. Our high end wood floor finishes are fully compatible with modern life. This is tradition made to fit the 21st century. 

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Our skills & expertise

You can call us a traditional wood floor sanding and restoration company, but over the past 40 years Acorn Floor Sanding has developed the skills, knowledge, and expertise to restore any type of wood floor.

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We like to give our clients' confidence in our company's abilities and reliability. 

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Welcome to Acorn Floor Sanding