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Sanding wood floors cardiff

We want to create a wood floor sanding service where we could deliver wood floor restoration in a new and exciting way. A service that is complimentary to all our customers – a service unique to Acorn Floor Sanding. Creating something that is different to anything being provided by other floor sanding companies. With a combination of theory and hands-on experience that has allowed us to develop very unique wood floor sanding procedures and techniques. Choosing to lead rather than be lead in regard to wood floor sanding and restoration.


This means: Intelligent, innovative, ecologically friendly restoration solutions that combine materials, technology and colours to create  coherent wood floor sanding, based on extensive experience; floor restoration designed to be relevant for the benefit of our customers. We believe coming from a french polishing background makes a real difference to the work we deliver.

Wood floor sanding Cardiff

Removing the orange tint from an Oak floor

Wood floor sanding Cardiff
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Wood floor sanding Cardiff 2
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At Acorn we appreciate that being provocateurs and challenging assumptions is what catalyses new ways of thinking.

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We want to create a wood floor sanding service where we could deliver wood floor restoration in a new and exciting way.

We are never complacent – we never stop innovating!

 Our focus is always firmly on wood floor sanding and restoration, we are constantly searching for new ways to renovate and innovate so we stand out from our competition. The idea of providing a unique wood floor sanding concept that forestalls and fulfils every need of our customers is what pushes us forward. That is why we never stop exploring and discovering new ways of restoring and re finishing wood floors. With a constant search for wood floor sanding innovation, we are able to offer lasting, sustainable results for wood floors. And new ways of thinking are what lead to experimentation and fresh perspectives that result in wood floor sanding and wood finishing innovation. Developing innovative products and restoration solutions that emphasise the natural character of the wood in various ways!

Restoring well worn pine plank floor

Wood floor sanding cardiff 3
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Our innovative approach to wood floor sanding sets us apart from other wood floor sanding companies. We fully understand that when our clients contract us to sand and restore their wood floors that they are taking a leap of faith, and trust in our ability as a team to create something special. We treat every wood floor sanding job on its merits and aim to deliver a solution to suit your particular tastes and specifications.




Over the past 40 years we have been able to expand our understanding of wood floor sanding and restoration. Once again, we are pioneers in providing a full wood floor sanding and restoration service from one source - We never stop innovating! 

This doesn’t mean we reject all traditional forms and concepts. We simply attempt to reimagine them in a more relevant context. Through our constant search for innovation, we are able to offer lasting, sustainable results for restoring wood floors. Combining commitment and technical excellence, based on acquired knowledge and over four decades of accumulated wood floor restoration expertise that has enabled us to produce the best wood floor sanding and finishing options.

Acorn Floor Sanding is different

Sanding a wood floor Cardiff

Creating something that is different to anything being provided by other floor sanding companies.

Our intelligent approach to wood floor sanding transformed the old concept of sanding a wood floor into a new and exciting experience for our customers. We continue to meet the changing needs of our customers with our quality and reliable wood floor sanding and restoration services, to ensure that every wood floor that we sand and restore is evolved using the highest standards. We don’t start with what we should or what we should not do. We believe every wood floor is unique and has to be approached in a different way. We try to understand the condition of the wood, we ask ourselves many questions, we draw a strategy, and we look for the right tools and the appropriate approach. The unstoppable urge of finding new and better innovative wood floor sanding solutions has always been a vital part of our philosophy. 

Restoring a neglected pine plank floor

Sanding a plank floor Cardiff
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The art of wood floor  sanding and finishing  is our specialty.

Our expertise in wood floor sanding lies in our experience, vision and flexibility that allow us to work off more than just a standard list of offerings. We want to demystify wood floor sanding and restoration and highlight how accessible creating a beautiful wood floor can be. Born out of the joint enterprise of traditional wood floor sanding skills and modern wood finishes. This combined enterprise brings together two great wood floor originators – one traditional furniture restoration skills and the other from the best floor sanding machines. Finishes can be customised to enhance the beauty of any wood surface, add individual style and complement any colour concept. Acorn Floor Sanding takes the calibre of their floors seriously. A superior floor can only be achieved with superior products and machinery.
Sanding and refinishing an oak square parquet block floor
Sanding a oak parquet floor Cardiff 1
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We find solutions by combining our unique wood floor sanding options with traditional wood restoration skills.

We sand and restore wood floors that are both functional and beautiful in equal measure. We want our clients to not only be surprised, but to experience the whole potential of wood floor sanding rather than just sand and varnish a wood floor. Acorn Floor Sanding web site is a hub for people to discover all about wood floor sanding. With a constant search for innovation, we are able to offer lasting, sustainable results for wood floors. And new ways of thinking are what lead to experimentation and fresh perspectives that result in wood floor sanding and wood finishing innovation. We continue to sand and restore floors for people who love and appreciate traditional, unique and clever restoration techniques by sanding and restoring wood floors that are unrivalled in quality, originality and creative flair.




The six core principles of Acorn Floor Sanding 

Are not a floor sanding method, but rather, a philosophy to inspire and stimulate thinking in new ways.

These include: 


We uncover neglected wood floors applying, materials and processes to capture and preserve the history of the day to day life that are often missed or forgotten in a wood floor’s existence or creation. 

The manifesto encourages us to “think beyond perceived functionality, physical attributes and condition to consider a wood floor’s real and potential expressions.”


We consider the real and potential “expressions” of a wood floor beyond their perceived functionality and physical appearance. The highly conceptualised principle suggests that we should consider aspects beyond shape and aesthetics, instead pay more attention to the form of interactions that take place between floors and spaces.


We believe wood and wood floors induce contemplation and ‘reflective consumption’. “Wood floor restoration can question not only ecological values, but also perceptual and emotional experiences that the unique materiality of a wood floor can deliver.” To restore a wood floor, and emphasise the natural beauty and patina of wood.


Our processes are “open source” and collaborative, relying on our 40 years wood finishing experience and updated understanding of the latest materials and methodology so that our wood floor restoration may continue to evolve into the future. Today we constantly evolving new wood finishing ideas, as well as constantly developing solutions to repairs and restoration problems.


We encourage clients to become active participants in the wood floor restoration process, every floor is different, hence there is no general approach to sanding it, embracing our client’s ideas and to give you a better understanding of the renovation process. Clients who are a part of the restoration process are generally satisfied with the end result.


We recognise that richer experiences can emerge from the dynamic maturation of wood floors over time. This means looking ahead, evaluating processes and outcomes that are most reliable and needed for both wood floor restoration and finishing.

Wood floor sanding requires a range of different skills

Repairing, sanding and finishing a wood floor is an ability that takes many years to become properly skilled. We have over 40 years experience of wood floor sanding and finishing. Acorn Floor Sanding provides the full package of wood floor sanding expertise. Coming from a French polishing background gives us a unique understanding of how to transform a neglected wood floor into something special. Today we are still as dedicated to sanding and restoring beautiful wood floors as we are to restoring more modern wood floors. With a wide range of options, we will happily give advice on the wood finishing products best suited to your individual floor. We utilise the latest equipment to provide a highly efficient, 98% dust free working environment. From start to finish, long lasting results - That’s why we’re No1.
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Floor sanding Cardiff

Understanding woods amazing qualities

Wood awakens our senses, smell, touch, see, feel, no matter what you do with such a wonderful natural product, the aim must always be to do justice to its “natural” quality. That demands a lot of experience, manual work and good judgement – but it’s worth it in the end. 

Wood means everything to us, in every aspect of the word, we stand in awe before its remarkable ability to be transformed, revealing its creativity in a thousand and one ways, that creative drive moves us to outdo ourselves and raise the bar so that the splendours and benefits of wood can offer a timeless legacy. We bring all our knowledge to every wood floor we sand and restore so that your wood floor reflects a perfect symmetry of nature.

Indulge in a world of wood, sumptuous tones and an elegant feel, delve into the possibilities and restore your wood floor enhance the texture, tone or colour, create a wood floor that can complete your design vision and amplifies the experience of your living space. Wood floors are bound to make you feel great, the warm hues and detailed grain will add to any room. 

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