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Understanding wood floor restoration by starting at the “Finish”, you could fill a library with the different ways of finishing wood, there are oils and lacquers, two, pack finishes and stains, sealers and varnishes. 

Some are wiped on; some are sprayed, while still others are brushed on. 

Finishing wood is as much of an art as it is a science. A wood floor finish is designed to make wood look good and meet the demands to be placed on the finish, added durability creates unbeatable floor protection, and a world of new options for finishing a wood floor. Choosing a finish for your wood floor can involve a trade-offs between appearance, protection, durability, maintenance and budget, each finish can come out completely different depending on a multitude of factors that include, the type of wood it is applied to, the ambient temperature and humidity, air flow or thickness of application, Acorn Floor Sanding are able to provide wood floor finishing system with endless possibilities, with a wide range of wood floor finishes that are contemporary as well as timeless 


Wood Finishes and Techniques 

​Your floor deserves to be re finished by skilled craftsmen applying the highest quality product, using most appropriate finish for your exact requirements enables us to get the best result possible for your restored wood floor. Our expert knowledge of restoration and refinishing products combined with our french polishing and wood finishing experience sets us apart from our competition. When it comes to wood finishes, nothing is really very clear. Terminology is frequently misused or used interchangeably, we want to help you understand what makes a good finish, we believe in educating our customers, and to help you have a better understanding, about finishing a wood floor. 

How it goes on the wood

Penetrating finishes– The finish soak into the grain and dries into the wood.

Surface finishes- Surface finishes do just as it says, it lays on the surface .

How the finish cures

There 3-types of finish - Evaporative - Reactive - Coalescing, which include environmentally friendly water base lacquers and stains.

Coalescing finishes

Coalescing finishes, water based finishes fall into the coalescing category. 

A coalescing finish is made up of tiny droplets of reactively cured resin dispersed in solvent and water. Within the droplets, the resin is crosslinked. As the water evaporates, the droplets “coalesce” (that is, they come together) and the very slow evaporating solvent softens them so they stick together.

They cure by solvent evaporation. 

They are safer than oil-based, with fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), can be brushed or sprayed on, and are fast drying, demanding care in application techniques. 


Evaporative finishes

Evaporative finishes use alcohol, acetone, and nitro-cellulose as solvents and thinners. 

Nitro-cellulose lacquers and shellac are in this group. 

The solids are soft and string-like in solution but as the solvents evaporate they form a solid mass.

Successive layers burn into one another and form a hard surface. 

Cellulose polishes and thinners, and lacquer and lacquer thinners, are the in the same family of finishes. 

Wax is an evaporative finish because it is dissolved in turpentine, 

After these distillates evaporate all that's left is the wax.

Reactive finishes

Reactive finishes use solvents such as white spirits and naphtha. 

Oil varnishes and linseed oil are reactive finishes which change chemically when they cure, unlike evaporative finishes. 

At cure, the solvent/thinner evaporates and the resins cluster tighter together, and then a chemical reaction occurs causing the resins to cross link in a different chemical format.

Oil based varnishes dry from the top down by reacting with oxygen. 

The catalysed lacquers dry from the bottom up (which is like the evaporative finishes), and the solvents migrate upwards to the film surface and then out leaving behind molecules that then cross-link.

A story where every wooden floor is original, to enrich your environment and tell a unique and unrepeatable history of the wood


Wood is a natural material that invites you to add a finishing touch, through different surface treatments and finishes. 

Putting together products from all the major manufacturers, allows us to creates unbeatable floor protection, and a world of new options for finishing a wood floor, we provide wood floor finishing options with endless possibilities, with a wide range of wood floor finishes, wood floor finishes that perform even better with appropriate wood sealers underneath. 

Because using the correct wood sealers will add depth to colour, they also make the floor finishes adhere even better to the floor, creating unsurpassed floor protection. Wood stain adds the freedom of combining different colours to enhance woods natural tone, products that will stand the test of time, in more ways than one


Every floor is different

We understand through past experience that every floor is different and will require different considerations, wood is a material that invites you to add a finishing touch, through different surface treatments and finishes, the natural appeal that makes a wood floor so special is effectively highlighted by our surface treatments, this way, unique wood floor finishes are created that underline the natural character of the different woods


Protecting wood floors is as important for us as it is for you, it is what we do.

A wood floors should be both functional and inspiring and we apply this philosophy to all our wood floor restoration projects, we have always strived to be at the forefront in the application of wood finishes, we look beyond the ordinary to finish a wood floor

Employing hand crafted skills, bespoke treatments and finishes, creating beautiful individual floors.

Using traditional wood restoration skills, combined with modern finishes.

This has resulted in a comprehensive understanding of finishes for wood floors including  water based finishes, hard wax oil finishes, solvent based finishes and specialist colour matching floor finishes.


Working closely with major manufacturers

To be at the forefront in wood floor sanding and restoration.


The introduction of water based floor lacquers revoltuionised the world of wood floor coatings in 1995 with pioneering crosslinking technology in a waterborne formula

Today, these floor lacquers still holds a unique position on the market due to their innovative formula.

Acorn Floor Sanding uses water based floor finishes from Granwax. 

Our most popular floor lacquers are Granwax GP Excel Floor Lacquer and Granwax Masterfinish Commercial Floor Lacquer. 

Both types of lacquers are water based, low odour and 100% natural

Making natural beauty come to life

Where the main requirement is a maximum interval of time between refinishing jobs, applying lacquers or oils are likely to prove most satisfactory. 

We offer a choice finishes in an extrodinary range of colours and tones in natural oils and lacquers. 

And if you still can’t find what you want, we can we can tailor a special finish to your specific requirements.

We are able to create bespoke colours and finishes to match your property interior.

But whatever we do, you can be sure we’ll do it perfectly.

No one type of finish can be said to be superior in aII respects and none will in the long term continue to give good service unless it is suitably maintained. 

The secret of good floors lies in understanding of the nature and limitations of the particular kind of finish chosen and to follow an appropriate maintenance program.

Wood finishes are designed to wear gently over time. 

The coatings should be cleaned and renewed when they begin to become thin in the channels of maximum foot traffic but before they wear through to bare wood at these points. 


What is a Wood Finish? A wood floor finish is designed to protect the wood from moisture, dirt, and wear, enhances wood’s natural beauty, colour, figure patterns, grain, and depth. The surface protective finish effectively emphasise the visual impact of a wood floor with stylistic confidence for a natural experience that appeals to all senses. We provide wood floor finishing system with endless possibilities, with a wide range of wood floor finishes that are contemporary as well as timeless, the freedom of combining different colours and durabilities, to ensure that you may enjoy your floors for many years to come, wood floors that will stand the test of time, in more ways than one.

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