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Wood floors are as individual as our customers, that’s why we restore them, one at a time, wood floors are also as diverse as our customers, that’s why we assess every wood floor, one at a time, getting to know you, our customers, is important to us. 

With every project, we consider your needs to get the best results, every wood floor has an innate, natural beauty, which we strive to bring out in every floor we sand and restore, using time-honoured techniques, inventive new skills and high-quality products, we can give your wood floor a new lease of life, restoring its inherent beauty. We appreciate the wood in all steps of the restoration processes

Shaped by the passage of time rather than the hand of man wood is the foremost expression of timeless quality and natural artistry, wood can represent the ultimate in the depth and beauty that can be achieved when correctly restored, wood provides a breath-taking window into nature and the world around us. Captivating surface treatments and bold, intricate colours redefine what is considered possible 

One of a very few floor sanding company from a french polishing background who promotes the highest quality standards. 

We are constantly trying to change (for the better) the way people treat the restoration of original wood floors. 

We approach the restoration of any wood floor the same as we would an antique table.

Imagine a valuable antique table – think about patina created over many years of use, the dinks and the scratches all of which relates to the tables history about its past, how it’s been used and how it’s been treated.   

If you owned such a table you would preserve it, treat it with the utmost care and restore it sympathetically, seek the advice of a wood restoration expert (a french polisher).  

The one thing you would probably not do is to take a sanding machine to it. 

And yet, that is what often happens to wood floors; unfortunately the first instinct of people when faced with worn and neglected wood floor is to hire a sander and sand them, in the process, usually over sanding the floor, also destroying all traces of the floor’s history and character, more often than not with the best intentions, creating a lot more damage than good restoration.

We have years of experience working with all types of wood floors. 

Learning the intricate nature of the trade. 

From the preparation to the restoration and the finish, taking care over each step of the process the application of traditional skills in the process. 

For us, staying ahead of the game, so to speak, is essential. 

There are always new, more efficient ways of doing things and we apply the latest techniques to every project. 

Understanding the appropriate restoration methods and finishes used to ensure a wood floor is restored accordingly

The added benefit is that we love what we do. 


We treat all wood floor restoration with the utmost care and respect, with over 35 years experience in wood restoration, our understanding of wood repair and restoration runs deep.

Acorn floor Sanding leads the way in wood floor restoration and renovation.

Central to our philosophy is a commitment to craftsmanship – skill & intensive work marked by quality and distinction. 

Secure in our wealth of knowledge and first hand experience in all aspects of wood floor restoration, we undertake a thorough assessment of each wood floor individually.

Our tried and trusted methodology can be broken down into three stages.

Preservation – investigating the condition of the wood structure and surface condition

Stabilisation – doing what we can to the floor to ensure that it remains in its current condition.

Restoration – using our well-honed skills and expertise to restore the floor in the most sympathetic manner mindful

These stages rely on our experience and being dedicated not only to the materials and craftsmanship 

But also in continuing a tradition.


Creating specialist patinas and natural colours through a variety of traditional wood restoration processes that are exclusive to us. 


Specialised in house skills

We have specialist in-house skills and facilities to carry out traditional wood repairs – from the simplest scratch and dent removal, removing watermarks (white cup rings), if the floor has a dent to deep to sand we are able to fill using appropriate wood filler and colour the filler to match the existing grain pattern.

Floors can be repaired with missing sections replicated to match the original floor, skilfully toned to blend with the original finish on the floor. When repairing wood floors, the aim is to achieve a repair that restores not only the appearance but also the original functionality. Sections damaged beyond repair can be replaced with reclaimed wood, it is essential that a wood floor repair is carried out in the correct manner, with attention to the type of floor and the type of wood is paramount to ensure the repair is a success. 



We are able to undertake repair restoration to parquet block floors, ranging from cleaning and conservation to full replacement. 

This specialist work is still carried out by hand as it has been for many centuries.

We can reproduce virtually any pattern including, herringbone double herringbone and basket weave, we are able to add blocks to extend the original floor and supply and fit any missing blocks. 

Depending on the level of damage, residual deposits such as soot can be removed using sensitive cleaning processes and refinished. 


Repairing wooden floorboards

One of the great joys of wood floor restoration is peeling back an old carpet to discover an original floorboards underneath that’s crying out to be restored.

Even homes built as late as the 1960s and ’70s may harbour pleasant surprises such as pine floorboards with potential for restoration

Original wooden floorboards are a desirable feature in an old property but can deteriorate over time, so find out how to maintain, care for and repair them with this expert advice.

With over 35 years spent restoring and refinishing old pine floors we have accumulated a vast knowledge base


For original wood floors in historic homes or other listed properties, we provide a full conservation service to prolong the life of the original materials and finishes in an informed and sympathetic way, avoiding the need of replacement or restoration.

We can carry out localised repairs to skilfully remove unsightly marks using carefully developed finishing techniques. 

We can repair or patch in severe damage areas using reclaimed wood.

We provide a full preservation service to prolong the life of the original materials and finishes in an informed and sympathetic way.


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